Spiritual Peace

Many people today in the world always feel that there is not enough. Regardless of whether money, fame, attention or anything else they want from life, it creates for us all the feeling of being missing in our lives, a negative emotion.

We are trying to get the things we just want, but because we have a negative attitude, we often lose some things. For example, if I want to raise a salary and enter a negative attitude, I can pay for it. If I ask for more attention from my wife, I will probably be less aware of it.

The law of attraction states that if we want something, we must first give something.

If I want to pay, I'll be better off to better serve the client (work = money), and my employer is aware that I will give more work to provide better service. get a raise. If I want more attention from my spouse I will give more attention and will be free to return.

So we can gain money, reputation, attention, whatever we want, but if we are not happy and have no peace of mind, we will never feel that there is emptiness in us.

The only way to fill this painful emptiness and be peaceful with love through love. And in order to love, we have to give it. I suggest you start by saying to every man you meet with a little more love. Greet them some compliments, express their concern for them or their families. After a while, you will find that you are happier with yourself.

If you continue this, you will feel that you will, of course, have more love and love for people. When you finally reach the point where you can express love perfectly, unconditionally and unconditionally, you will live happily and peacefully throughout your life.

This is the true way of happiness.

Love and Peace, Simon



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