Spiritual view of peace

Have you ever met peacefully from a spiritual point of view? All countries, cultures and religions have fought for peace in the creation of peace. Peace quoted by spirituality is abundantly clear from quotations quoted by many spiritual and political leaders from ethnic backgrounds; yet we are continuing war on world peace.

"It is easier to lead people in battle, stirring their passion than stifling them and directing them to the patient labs of peace." – André Gide

"Terrorism can not be overcome by applying force, because it does not deal with complex problems, and even the use of force not only does not solve the problems, but can exacerbate them and often leave the destruction and suffering." – Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso

"All our choices, all our thoughts and feelings, are acts of power that are biological, environmental, social, personal and global conventions.-Karoline Myss

" Those who disregard leave the past, condemn it to repeat it. "

" Not only are we responsible for what we are not doing. "-Voltaire

" A nation that has been spending more money on military defense than the social ascension programs for years is approaching spiritual doom. "- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

" We need a way to holiness in our time "- Dag Hammarskjold

" Take a big project like Noah. "The tomb of the world is to be cured of violence, hatred, poverty and greed, let this be our project, it is ours, we must inform and involve ourselves, we must talk and listen, and this year we should improve the world with wisdom , but with force, action, and solution.-Rumi

"When we begin to be afraid of the opinions of others, and without hesitation we tell the truth that we are in it and listen to political motives when we have to talk about the light and the life divine floods are no longer ours. "- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

" Peace comes in the soul of the people when they understand their unity with the universe. "- Black Elk, Lakota leader

" I do not think the intellectual act operates on its own territory, "Mahatma Gáma

is the birth of a new era, a new structure of freedom and justice, the new era is new challenges … First, we are challenging to raise the whole humanity beyond the narrow limit of individualistic concerns we all have to learn to live together or have to live together … Through our scientific genius, we have made the world a neighborhood, now we have to make our brotherhood through our moral and spiritual genius, each one involved in a uniform process. affects one directly affects all Indirectly, all of us are connected to the great chain of mankind … There is a glorious opportunity before us to incorporate the new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization. "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

" I know he is a physician that the human soul is full of goodness, and if it only penetrates people's mental numbness and reaches their souls and cry and understand the fragility of the planet and the life on Earth and how they love their children, grandchildren and their own lives, and how sacred life, people will be extremely active, concentrate, intelligent, witty and smart. cold war in Gorbachev and we will do it again. I believe in the human soul. I believe in people's goodness. – Dr. Helen Caldicott

"There is no magic ball, even the internet can not save us from the explosion of the population, deforestation, disruption of the climate, poisonings and the wholesale extinction of plant and animal species, and lead us and our world economy. "- Joanna Macy

" In the hearts of people, deep desires for peace are needed when the true spirit of peace is a decisive and intimate experience with unlimited possibilities. "Albert Schweitzer

" I like to believe that people will be in the long run made to create peace as our governments … "- Dwight D. Eisenhower

" Peace can not be achieved through violence, only through understanding. " – Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The nations have recently been asked to take billions for war, no nation has ever borrowed much education, probably no nation is rich enough to pay both war and civilization. both of them. "- The real query is a tremendous moral transformation force, not only questioning and seeking a quick answer or an explanation, but the questioning, the opening – the utterance – opens up to the human being that does not affect every human being in our culture who alone possesses the passionate truth test potential, and this is the transforming force. "- Jacob Needleman

" I can see the comfort of the security of truth through my love of truth, and justice has given me a reward. "- Simone de Beauvoir

" Teach this Truthful Truth to Everyone: A generous heart, kind speech, and service and compassion are the things that renew mankind. "- Gautama Buddha

" Every day I see that although all around me always changing, dying, this changes a changing, unchanging living being that holds together that creates, dissolves and reestablishes This power of information or spirit, I seem to be purely benevolent because in the midst of that I see life is preserved, in the truth, truth remains, it is clear, God is love, he is the supreme good. "- Mahatma Gandhi

There is a light in this world, the healing spirit is stronger than any darkness we may encounter, ordinary people who hear the call and react in an extraordinary way."
Mother Teresa

insecurity, anxiety, fear and despair. "- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

" Science and religion both teach that we are all intertwined and interdependent, and the point is that we all We are one, but how do we live as if we knew this? "Ram Dass

" When will our conscience grow so gently that we will act to prevent human misery and not to get rid of it? "Eleanor Roosevelt
19659002] "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we do." – Anaïs Nin

"The afflictions of states will not end … until philosophers become kings or until kings and rulers become truly and truly philosophers." – Plato

"Censorship of language is the censorship of consciousness." Allan Ginsberg

"Contribution to Discrimination in Action" – Henry David Thoreau

"Sometimes we look at politics, dirty, but if you look at it, politics is not bad at all, it is a tool for the service of society. is motivated by hatred, anger or jealousy, it will be dirty. "
– Dalai Lama Tantin Gyatso

" The worst way to choose is that we do not choose at all. "
– Friedrich II

Determining insanity is doing the same thing over and over and waiting for different results, so for centuries the human race has deeper and deeper.



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