Steel Grills, base technology for supporting structures

Steel Grill is a foundation technique that is often used to support masts, columns, boards, overhead line electrification (OLE) masts and similar structures. Depending on the size and weight of the supported structure, such a conventional type of foundation (sometimes floating primer) is a large box-like structure which is no different from the mesh cages used to reinforce the concrete structures.

is placed on multiple wrenches – typically between four and eight depending on the dependent structure. With this system, construction time has dropped by more than half; with an illuminating column that can be installed in an hour. Quickly install and rely on better technology and innovative design. This technology can be applied to a number of structures that are in high rotation moments and need to be quickly and cost-effectively fitted.

With a specific base, here is a steel grillage (a rigid construction that is well below the ground so that the weight of the soil is equal to the weight of the grillage) replaced.

Structures such as road signs or rail gates are designed to construct one or more steel beams (surface) for the underlying helical piles to provide extra support. The quick installation and the fact that on-site grilling makes this a very versatile, yet versatile foundation solution.

includes –

  • Installation Speed ​​- Using the grillage can often save you valuable time.
  • Convenience – avoiding poured concrete saves time and simplifies installation.
  • Reduced costs – by minimizing disruption to transport infrastructure.
  • Versatility – technology allows a wide range of applications.



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