Storage House Foundations

An elaborate decision can be made to decide whether the storage is built on a concrete slab or on a wood base. But you do not have to.

There are some unique differences between the disks and the tree basics. The obvious difference is, of course, that a concrete slab makes the building permanent. The wooden base allows you to move it if you ever need it.

In whatever way you choose your new unit, you continue to serve your purpose. Wood base (for floor advantageous) Pressurized wood (also known as Osmose, Yellawood, ACQ, etc.) Use to prevent rotations due to moisture. Start your base by setting up 2 or more sliders, which can be 4×4, 6×6, or simply 2x2x. The sliders are designed to keep the tree base from the ground so moisture is not directly on the building. This also makes your portable handset even if you ever decide to move it. Use bricks or blocks under the sliders to level your floor level. This also means that the whole building is not exposed to direct contact with the moisture of the soil.

The base should then be fixed to the roof structure depending on the size of the building and the weight to be stored in the shed 2×4 or 2×6 ". Lay the 2×4 or # 2 between 2 and # 6 at the center of the boards. For maximum strength, the 3/4 "tongue and groove plywood provides a very strong foundation

The construction of the slab on the concrete slab allows permanent fixing so you can be assured of the location selection. the strongest and most durable bases that are capable of endless weight support. Fixing the walls to the plate that the bottom plate (the board is advantageous for disk-related tests), treats wood, the concrete can hold moisture, so moisture-resistant wood that does not have to be treated [19659002] The last thing to consider in your decision is what you're planning to store in your new storage. a wooden floor with a wooden floor, as described above, will be 8 to 10 "or more on the ground. A concrete base usually does not require ramp.



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