Strengthening your home foundation

There are a number of reasons why you need to reinforce your home foundation, including:

* You want to add another story to the existing structure that exceeds the weight that the building and the foundation can support

* The Foundation has decreased over time

* The way the structure was used

* Building the house bad compact

* Weak and poor quality materials were used when the home was built

* to the structure

* New building was built near the house with defective foundations

* The foundation was poor due to low ground conditions or due to lower water table down

Previously built homes in Los Angeles in 1940 there was no screw their fundamentals. During the earthquake, these structures can easily be shaken from their foundation. Many apartments built after 1940 used weak materials on the wretched walls. The miserable wall is the wall that surrounds the house's crawl space and connects the home to the foundation.

When living in an older home, the house is twisted to the foundation for earthquake preparedness. The bolts should be placed every 4-6 feet and more than one leg at each leg. In the case of apartments built on the hill, make sure that the wood that descends is fixed to the stump.

Foundation can increase foundation strength and stability. The process involves extending the depth or width of the foundation, so it rests on stronger ground or spreads the load over a wider area.

The use of concrete-based repair is one of the most important methods of priming. The sections beneath or around the house are explored and filled with concrete. Concrete is usually mixed with aggregates. Usually 2 days after the concrete is scattered.

Other ways of supporting the use of screw piles, brackets, and beams. Sometimes the soil can be reinforced by adding mortar.

The strength of the walls can be increased by plywood. How do you know you need to strengthen your wretched wall? If your wall outside your wall is made of wood or stucco, you need to fix it with a laminate. The plywood should be nailed on all sides of the house.

In addition to stabilizing the home and preventing future damage, strengthening the foundation makes the structure much safer to live and easier to provide and sell.

When a home shows signs of establishing or damaging a foundation, ask for a local foundation audit from an authorized foundation repair specialist. A local foundation expert can tell you what is causing the problem and how to correct it. This may include strengthening your home foundation to prevent further damage and reducing home chances to descend from the foundation or crash during an earthquake or house leveling.



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