Subject lesson – saturated or handed over?

This is an objective lesson using a sponge and a bowl of water to teach the children that Jesus is able to give you peace for any problem. The proposed scripture verse for the strengthening of the teaching Isaiah 26: 3


Show the dry sponge. Sponges soak up spilled liquids such as water, milk or fruit juice. Push the sponge to show that there is no water in it. Load water and tell the sponge will absorb and no water will come out.

Sponges well soak the water, but they only hold that. Put the sponge in the water until it is over and keep it in front of the children. Spray water onto the sponge and tell the water is flowing because there are no more places. In order to get more water in this sponge, I have to strain what's in it and get started again. (Demonstrate.)

For those who know Jesus as Savior, if you are not careful, you will become such a sponge. When problems get through, you can "absorb" problems by focusing attention on them and not on God. Things like worry, fear, anger, frustration, and anger begin to build in you and start coming out. The more you think about the problems, the worse the impact on your life. There will be no peace, rest or patience to cope with them and begin to take control of you until you drown it

This is not what God wants. In fact, in Isaiah 26: 3, God says that God will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is preserved. God wants you to focus on it, not your problems. When you go through a problem, it takes time to think of how great and great God is, and remember the great love he has made for you. Understand that your strength is available to you to help you with any problems. If you have any, talk to God, but before you mention it, think about how good it is. It never changes. God today has the same power as he has done the miracles of the Bible. When you focus your attention on God, it is like clutching the sponge.

Just because it concentrates on God does not mean that the problem automatically disappears. The problem usually does not change quickly, but what will change. God gives you peace and helps to remove fear, worry or frustration. Remember, Jesus has the power to give peace to all the problems he faces. In order to achieve peace, you must focus on God, not the problem.



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