Suicidal Prevention Techniques – Art, Wisdom and Peace

Summer in the window. Let me look for the meaning of life around the vase.

There must be a day when people are working. Many cars ruin the mood with noise and pollution … I wish they were not here.

He wants the city not a fake forest full of monsters and dangers, but without trees …

Trees are indispensable, while the dangers and noise are completely useless. They simply demonstrate that human survival on this planet is a very big challenge.

The window wants to sleep. On the ground floor, life works in the usual way.

The same rhythm moves the time, so the molecules dance. The same thing. Everything looks like everything else. Everything follows exactly the same rules.

Reality obliges everyone to simply repeat the necessary things without being questioned.

Today I want to say that my cure is art and poetry.

If you're sad, depressed, ready to commit suicide and leave everything you do not like or worse if you feel crazy and you want to leave this place because you lost your mind, so what's so painful for everyone and without it that he would suffer so much in a suicide attempt.

Do not lose what you already have. Stay here and start in a different way: alone, with different people, in another style, with another imagination, new ideas, new ideas, and completely different theories.

Do not go to another planet.

There are many opportunities on earth and too many versions of the same reality as you do, so you really have no reason to give up just because you lost one on one side.

Try it again, forgive yourself, forgive the world.

Get started from scratch and start well now that you know how to get started. When you first started living without preparation … That's why you did not succeed.

You're an expert now. Go ahead and shine!



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