Summer Solstice and Earth Healing

What is the Summer Solstice? Usually the longest day of the year. The ancestors celebrated this day as a messenger of the future. As a point where we think of the past and predict our future. The solstice was regarded as a point of history for measuring the development of the human race.

So how far have we come from?

The centuries-long solstice celebrations also announced the "new era". The day when consciousness develops to a certain point where there was no war where people developed enough to live in peace, resolve conflicts and find new ways. And Solstice – there was always time for communities to come and celebrate and have a good party. It was like a neighborhood party block where everyone came out and just celebrated, no matter what happened before you got together to commemorate common prosperity.

The "how far we get" key, where personal development is. We are not yet close to the age of peace, but we are at a turning point. And this is your personal path and evolution that decides the fate of human consciousness and whether the new era really is the age of peace or life, we say "we could not."

What's "New Age?"

In fact, something new under the sun.

The "New Era" suggests new ways to exist, think, feel, and associate with each of us.

* release obsolete modes in relationships

* to create CLEAR boundaries and determine what is important by generating a new feeling of joy in our emotions and body

* redefine how we relate to our body

The body no longer serves the job. The new era really asks us to enter into joy and understand that our joy is found in our lives, which is beyond our debt, we are or what we are – and enter into an authentic embodied place

In the meditation circle , called "Earth Healing", we sit in a group and coordinate our bodies with the rhythms, music and pulsation of our own rhythms. It's like the ancient Sufiers who feel the vibration of the central channel and start up – discovering ourselves and the body of the central channel – to see how pulsating we feel through our bodies.

The meditation circle acts as a vibrating "impulse" as a barometer through our own body to perceive the planet's core asking us to become aware of it.

Participants are listening to messages from their own body about what needs to be awakened or devoted to and attached to their own CLEANING ability to better liberate their own opportunities.

You'll also get an insight into what you need to "let" to get into your "new era." [19659002] Most importantly, these circles provide an opportunity to enter into what you want to create in your "new era."

Whatever you would like to see in your world, in your life, and how you want to see your natural self increase your chances of doing so – your own inner guidance is the most important element for you to watch for these changes and evolution

to expand into your larger self?

meditation circle "Earth Healing" helps us to connect with movement and longing to unfold in us. The circle is not about curing the earth, but through our bodies to the earth, to enable our own health preservation and increase our emotional development and joy!

Are you ready to go to a new skin?

Do not worry – you do not have to be ready. Just be open what you really want!



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