Take juice and get rid of diseases

We all know that fruits are very beneficial to our health. But fruits are not only beneficial; we can get rid of many diseases from regular use of certain fruit juices

1. Strengthening Immunity: Two carrots, a ginger peace and an apple in the breakfast improve the body's immunity. You can taste salt in your juice.

2nd Reducing Cholesterol: Apple juice and four peas of cucumber can lower cholesterol. We recommend that you take it early in the morning

3. For digestion: four cucumbers, some cabbage and some cucumber juice make the digestive system healthy

4. For shining skin: Two tomatoes and two apple juice can give your skin a new light. You can also have breakfast

5. For Kidney Stones: Five pineapple juice, two apples and some watermelon peas can remove the kidney stone if you regularly use 40 days in the morning. It fixes the kidney system and destroys the stones.

6th In diabetes: a pear juice, ginger peace, a bitter gourd, an apple, five cucumbers, five basil and an orange can reduce diabetes. We recommend that you take this juice for breakfast in the morning. This reduces the level of diabetes, improves the immune system and overcomes the patient's weakness

7. Blood pressure: four to five carrots, two apples, a pear and some mango peas help control blood pressure

8. Constipation: The two bananas and some pineapples with some milk are the best treatment for constipation. We recommend that you take it to your bed before the night.

If you also contain fruit juice in your diet, you can save your body from many diseases.



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