Teachers of the Bible in the Peace of God

Peace is what everyone wants but has little experience in this world. And yet it is accessible to everyone who wants it. Peace is a spiritual force to relax our souls, find rest and relaxation, even in the middle of chaos. Peace comes from God and is the result of living in God's life. There are three peace we must and have to enjoy because God has provided us with it. First, there is peace with God. Secondly, there is God's peace. And thirdly, there is peace of mankind, for God. We can improve and develop each of the three peace by the word of God, the continuous feeding and practice of the Bible. Peace is the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit grows, so peace grows in us and creates a glittering and radiant human from the outside.

How can we find peace? Let us first examine the three areas of peace and see what the Bible teaches about them:
The first peace that is needed for a healthy, productive and respectable life that is also blessed with hope in the next life, the peace with God Almighty. It is about the Romans, the fifth chapter, one verse. He says, "By faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

Many follow peace, trying to find things that are lost in use or the religions of different currencies. But according to Scripture, the Holy Bible, peace with God can only be accepted in one way. And so is Jesus Christ. Some argue that God does not limit himself, just to reach Him and get peace. But the Lord Jesus Christ ruled the matter when he said that he was the way, the truth, and the life, and no one came to the Father but to Him. (John 14: 6)

Why is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only way to peace for the Almighty God? The answer is found in God's Word. God created man. She was clean and innocent. Then God created the woman and was brave to both of them a commandment that they did not eat from a certain tree because they would surely die on the day they ate. Man was disobedient to God. Still, the fifth chapter of Genesis, fifth verse, Adam, the first man, was nine hundred and thirty years old. God said that on the day he did not obey him, they would die. Did Adam die that day?

He did not die that day. But that day he died. He died in connection with God. Almighty God lost his job. It was no longer clean and undefiled. He was no longer able to associate with Almighty God without the knowledge of sin. He was now guilty. And as a guilty one, he could only produce it after the breed. Because they were the predecessors of the rest of mankind, and when they saw that they were now guilty, without being right with God, they could only produce sins. The Bible states that "as a man sin came into the world, and death by sin, so that death passed on to all men, for all these sinned." (Romans 5:12)

To Adam, the very heart of life is contaminated with the sin called thing. And since all mankind had passed through it, we were all born in sin and tried to recall it. (Psalm 51: 5) We are sinners. We needed a Savior. We needed redemption. We needed somebody who could free us from the state of sin and lead us back to God.

Sin means disobedient to God and His Word. Therefore, as sinners, we have been against our Creator to contradict his will and his way. There was a sin in us. That is why we did not have peace with God Almighty. Our nature was very opposed to Him.

God saw our situation and knew we could not help ourselves or redeem ourselves. And he also recognized that since a man was sinning he would have to take a man to redeem us and free us from sin. God then became a human being and came into the body in the womb of the virgin. Why should you come on a virgin road? The answer is that man was in sin. He inflicted his essence with sin. So, in order for the Son of God to enter into this world as a human being, as a man who was without sin, he had to come without the seed of the natural man.

It is physically proven that a woman can not give blood to the baby alone. Blood is the result of the male and female connection. If the Lord Jesus transgressed into the seed of the natural man, his blood would be stained with sin because man was guilty. Therefore the virgin of the Son of God was born to be holy. His blood was the power of the Spirit of God, which overthrew Mary and placed her life in her womb.

Jesus Christ is the only one who claims in His Word that he was born a virgin. So Jesus Christ is the only one capable of delivering us from the slavery and sins of sin and giving peace to the Almighty God. He went to the cross and died for me and you. He handed down his holy blood to blot out our sins. He rose from the dead and now invites all those who want peace with the Almighty God to come and accept Him as Lord and Savior. If you and I will give our lives to His Rule, He will testify to us, that is to say, that he will wash away the nature of sin, his sacred blood and the children of God, and give us again the truth of God. (Romans 10: 9-10, Romans 5: 1)

Peace with God is not something we can accomplish with religious ceremonies or practices. It is simply to be received by faith that the Lord Jesus Christ did and provided for us. He paid the price. We do not have to try to pay another. We only accept Christ as Lord and the Truth, which is righteousness that is just with God, which gives us peace with God.



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