Teaching Children to Keep Their Personal Power and Win Peace

I get an email update from my son's kindergarten about what's covered in class. This week, about a note about a game he was preparing for, it was:

"This week we talked about personal power and how we can keep our powers or decide to give peace."

Wow. you can imagine that the school is studying at age 4 or how can it be in the eighth or even high school – may it have changed its life?

Nobody taught me early. My parents are not and still do not have that knowledge, and internal personal power and inner peace never spoke in school – right up to the law school I had to learn this lesson to keep my personal power by staying alone as an adult

Personal power is not the power of your opinion , how much can you argue, fight, or how right you are. Personal power derives from a peaceful mind and heart in every situation sustainable, wherever they look good or bad. And keeping the inner peace does not mean that you have no conviction or can not use your personal power to induce change. It just means you can keep these convictions and use your power without the cloud being emotionally nervous.

I often gave up my personal power when I felt annoying, angry and emotional because of the slightest provocation. It took many years for me to learn how to keep the inner peace when I have to face even the small things of life that can be challenging. I'm not perfect, but I'm getting better. How much easier would it be to practice this concept when someone taught me 4 years of age. What kind of head would I start?

I wish schools will teach this concept everywhere early. Probably as important as "spelling" # 4; or commemorate the names of state captains. You can see the name of a state captain in seconds, but it takes a lot more time to look after the real feeling of inner peace.

If we want to teach our children how to preserve their personal power and create an inner sense of peace, then it is the best way to get started. Self and knowledge working on these habits can easily flow from you to your children. If you need help in this area, please visit our Recommended reading section of the Web site or visit the Self Help section on Health, Mind & Body on Amazon.com. The resources are there to help your children give a gift of peace.



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