Team Foundation Server tutorial for new users

Team Foundation Server is a breakthrough in collaborative software design and management. This server demonstration gives new ideas to users about TFS performance and scope. Software development with the Team Foundation is quite different from Visual Studio's software development. A team project is the center of all group activity sharing required to create a particular software product or technology. The new team project wizard can create a number of important components for the new project. First, you create a web page for the project that contains multiple document templates and predefined reports. The wizard creates a workpiece database that allows you to track all project work. The wizard also installs a template that defines rules, security groups, policies, and queries. It also generates a source code branch that allows version management depending on the system requirements.

After joining TFS, you can create a new project by clicking the New Project Team command on the File menu that will display the wizard. Enter the project name for What is the team project field name, and then click Next. On the Process Template Selection page, select the process template drop-down list, and then click Next. On the page to specify the Project Portal settings, keep the default address and enter the name in the "What is the description" field? This project portal is a SharePoint site that stores team project documents. The title of the project portal is displayed in the Team Project Portal Web Site Title box. Click Next and keep the default values ​​on the Enter Source Control Settings page, and then click Next. To confirm the Team Project Settings Confirmation tab, click Finish. The new team project wizard will automatically create a new team project!

Next Click on Team Project Created. The wizard opens the overview page that displays the team project hierarchy nodes. The most important nodes are the Work Items node, which allows you to add work items and view queries in the Work Database. The Documents node provides access to all documents such as functional specifications, process control, and risk assessment submitted on the project portal. The Reports node provides access to all team reports. The Builds node provides access to team projects. And source control node that provides access to source control management

After creating a group project, you must specify each setting, such as permissions, groups, configuration creation, areas, and iterations, and source verification. You can change the settings in Team Explorer. It's so simple! For more information about Microsoft TFS training, see the TFS in Action pdf file.



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