Ten signs that deceived loved ones to let us know they are around

After our beloved ones pass, they are very worried about knowing they are okay and aware of what is happening in our lives. If we can not feel around them, they often give us signs that we can not ignore. The person who receives the signal usually knows that he or she receives a message from the other side. I always tell clients that they do not have to look for signs – signs will come

Most beloved signs are:

They come as animals. Our beloved ones are able to spend their energy for a short period of time inside an animal, such as a butterfly, a ladybird, a bird or a dragonfly. The animal does things that it would not normally do, such as the ground on us, our window, screams on us, etc.

On the road, objects, such as pens, coins or rocks are placed on the road. Our loved ones loved to put things back and forth on their way, which was significant for them. I had a client who was full of feathers, coins, and objects in the most unusual places.

Fragrances are given. Often, we may say that our deceased loved ones are around us when they smell their perfume, their flowers, their cigars or cigarettes, or any other familiar smell. There is usually no logical explanation of why the smell is.

They are composing in perfect time. We know they are there when their favorite song comes in the right time with the exact words that you need to hear. Often the same song plays in many places.

They come to us with dreams. One of the simplest ways to come with us in our dreams. All we have to do is ask them to come and do it. But we must ask them to wake us up after they come, otherwise we will not remember the dream. The dream of a real visit will be very peaceful and we will know that we really are our loved ones. We remember this kind of dream in detail many years later. (On the other hand, the subconscious dream is frightening or ill-feeling, this kind of dream is not loved.)

They show us the same numbers over and over again. They liked giving them numbers that are relevant to them, for example, birthdays, anniversaries, or repetitive numbers like 1111, 2222, 3333, and so on. These numbers appear in lessons, billboards, or any other familiar place. 19659002] Allow us to feel peaceful without cause. When our loved ones are in the room, they usually feel as if they are so loved and in peace. This is usually the most suspicious time, so there is no logical explanation for our sudden happiness.

They think about our minds. Since they are in the form of a soul, our loved ones have no audible voice. They are therefore telepathically giving a message. Listen to ideas that just "pop up" in your mind. We can tell the differences between our thoughts and theirs by reversing their thoughts. If you find the idea that led to the thought of your loved ones, maybe your thoughts. If something that your beloved says goes down to his head without cause, he probably is talking to you directly.

They like to play with electricity. Electric power is switched on and off. They like to blink the lights, turn the TV and radio on and off, and the devices will beep for no apparent reason.

We hear buzzing noises in our ear. Because our loved ones talk to us more often, we can hear ringing in our ears when they try to draw our attention. This is a sign that tells you to hear what they say.

The list may resume, but these are the most common methods we know about being around. If you have not received such marks yet, just ask your loved ones to come to you to know they are ok. Tell them that they can come to you in your dreams and wake up after the dream. The more we know about the messages they have, the more they will know that they know they are present. Be patient and persistent, and I promise to give you the signs you always wanted. They really are ok and they want you to be



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