Thank you Letter – For Peace, Mahatma Gandhi

This is a thank you letter to one of the world's most respected ambassadors to whom the world has ever had the privilege. Now I am not alone in the admiration and gratitude for the man who has moved so many people to achieve harmony and equality.

Dear Gandhi,

There is, of course, no way to know. He was born after a long time in the fateful day of January when you spoke to a prayer book. I live thousands of miles, from where you supported the movement of your freedom. But I've learned from you, and since then I've been frightened of what you've got and how you went.

Mahatma Gandhi thank you for being a brave peace ambassador who decades after his death still places an unstoppable mark on the peoples who hear the story like me.

You are the hero of peace. You were the first and best-known solution for nonviolence. You have shown a strong passion for the holiness and preservation of human life and have proven that the success of a person or a case has not always won the physical brutality or strength.

You are the hero of my freedom. The Indian Independence Movement that you helped has inspired so many other moves to freedom around the world. But not just freedom from political bondage but all kinds of things that limit us as our fears and insecurities in our struggle to reach and recognize our true potential. And that's why I'm sending you this thank you letter.

You're the champion of human rights. In times of inequality, you have been fighting for almost every social context for the rights of women, the poor, religiously oppressed and physically abused. And your actions are tired of me for a better understanding of equality and its importance.

Mahatma Gandhi, welcome my letter. You may not know me, but you have changed and I see the world. You have understood the freedom I experience and taught me that this is something we must always guard and protect. You have recognized the value of peace and truth. But first of all, you have taught me selflessly and the idea of ​​creating something bigger than me and not only I, but also others. I will never achieve the magnitude, just because of the history of my life, I try to do every day what I can to help others and respect what I have received.

Sincerely, Raffy Chan



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