The 4 archery stance – the foundation of the big bow shot

With archery, the four stances can be used, each one has the tops and disadvantages. Knowing all of these knowledge allows you to figure out which one is most comfortable for you and will help you use them all under different circumstances.

The beginner has the same attitude. This is what you can do, allowing you to have consistency in your accuracy and in a position that is easy to imagine. But like any position, there are some disadvantages to using it. There is not much support around you when you use it. It is easy to break the balance and not offer much strength. If you are even in the even position, another problem should be considered when deciding which ones you want to use the most. Shooters with a wide chest tend to reduce the string. If you want a very stable, wide-ranging position, you should be open. What is also doing, reduces the tendency of many novice shooters, that is, the body is pulled out of the goal. However, this position makes the upper body tend to twist in the direction of the target. If you are in this situation, you will also move from your arms instead of using your back, that is, the muscles you use when shooting.

The next position is closed. It provides full shoulder and arm alignment when it embraces the finish line in front of it. But there are still some negative to this job. Sometimes it behaves against your body, this stance reduces the risk of string. As with the jobs discussed above, this also forces you to sometimes bend your target.

The next sloping stance. As for the string, this would be the best way to take advantage of it. If in this situation, the goal is more clearly displayed and your body is more balanced than in any other position. But beware, this position is actually one of the harder to use. Advanced archers are only recommended to use.

Stand on the line from where you try to shoot all your positions. Some say that if it's still a few inches, it dramatically affects its purpose, so it's better not to be sorry.

The two most appropriate positions are oblique and open. Both situations are best used by advanced archers. But when it comes to the right attitude, it comes with a feeling that is personally appropriate for you.



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