The bear's attack

He talked about this; dreamed about it, never let go. That's how my friend looked out of fear when a bear came when we went to Idaho Wilderness. Character in every other way is strong. Dear, working hard, intelligent, flourishing and loving. But when the word "bear" passes through that ear, she turns to Jell-O. In other words, his life is slightly Un-Bear-Able!

Yesterday, we went down the Coeur Alene Mountains for a 10-mile trip, where we visited one of the beautiful alpine lakes that are going through this idaho shore. We packed a lunch, the thread on the backpacks, and set off for a glorious day of work, and we came to nature. My friend, however, was nervous and carried a bear spray (similar to the paprika spray for bears). I assured her that bears were harmless in this area. There were only black breeds here in the woods … no grizzly I told her. Yet he wanted to believe that he was a bear bear and was very bad in his mind.

After about an hour of cautious hiking, we sat in a glass of water for a minute and took the natural beauty around us. SNAP! a tree branch went up the path, and there it was … everything he imagined in his worst nightmare was in front of him. That was what you came up with, a big, black, 10-foot-oar-throbing creepy bear! In fact, he remembers that. Actually, there was a small black bear who just crossed the road about 50 meters ahead of us. My good friend screamed, grabbed me and shook his hand. I joined the screaming part because the first thing you do when you meet a bear is making a lot of noise to scare you. So I was thinking what the hell was going to scream to make me feel better.

Well, the bear pulled away, my friend was almost frustrated and laughed while I fought. I gave her a few moments to slow her heart and leave 160 punches per minute, then I said calmly and cautiously, "You see, the bears will not hurt you." He calmly told me, "We are lucky to be silly this time." Well, I do not have to say, this experience did not help the fear of the bears, but only increased the intensity of the phobia.

We're still together, and now my friend is in the wilderness like never before. No, he did not take the extraordinary horror of bears. No, your dreams did not stop. No, no peace with this precious animal. When we returned to their city residence after the last hike, my dear sweetheart sweet friend immediately called a shooter that was surrounded by a classroom to learn to shoot the gun and now carry the pistol on its side and the valley of the bear (only in case he says ). My friend is less nervous and feels he enjoys our tours as never before. I'm sorry about the poor bears.



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