The Benefits and Disadvantages of Different House Funds

Slab, Crawlspace, or Basement? Which is the best choice for a new home? I offer the advantages and disadvantages of the typical three choices.
– The least costly to build
– Moisture / humidity below the substrate can not be treated
– Easy access for disabled or elderly people, level


– HVAC typically in the attic (unconditional space) The leak of the plumbing in the ceiling is very expensive to repair
– Entrance on Earth, not as eye-catching
– Radon is most likely to be released (19459008) – more prone to wood stainless matters as it is close to the ground


for easy installation of pipes / pipes when needed
– Floor covering structure is softer than concrete

– One of the main problems of moisture content (water and humidity), fungal growth and
– Easy access to unwanted pests
– HVAC unconditional space


– Easy wiring / piping is easy to install if needed

– HVAC is in a conditioned space (more energy-efficient)
– Additional warehouse / workshop
– Favorable additional square meter, can be made later
– In extreme weather conditions (tornado, hurricane etc. .
– The most expensive construction (compared to 19459007) – There is a need for a sloping boss to build a resting place
– The greater likelihood of radon release (easy to relieve)



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