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Sensitive skin foundation is a key to avoid acne. A good foundation adapted to your skin needs the best start to apply makeup. If the skin is sensitive, you must determine the skin type to achieve the best results and do not cause further complications.

The foundation is the transition between skin care and cosmetics. It's about healthy skin that radiates; and coverage seems natural. In an article by the American Academy of Dermatology Dr. Leslie Baumann, MD, FAAD states that there are four types of susceptible types of skin acne, rosacea, burning and stinging, and contact dermatitis (allergy and irritants) – and each has a common feature : inflammation.

The article also states: "Skin care products on sensitive skin do not determine which type of skin works best". So it is very important to know and understand your skin sensitivity in order to choose the skin type.

Acne – oily skin and high levels of bacteria – facial skin, acne and broken blood vessels. The cause of rosacea has not been fully determined, some have suggested that bacteria, genetic causes, or side effects of daily exposure and vascular instability are causing it.

Burning and Stinging – the cause is unknown, Dr. Baumann noted that there are no products that help burn and pierce feelings.

Contact Dermatitis (Allergy) – Allergies when you are allergic to an ingredient. In addition, there are irritants that are irritating to one ingredient but are not really allergic.

– improves skin tone and moisturizes dry skin but does not provide coverage

Mousse or Whipped Foundation is easy to apply in thin layers that provide greater control and is good for all skin types and even more useful for dry or aging skin because it tends to go smoothly.

Liquid Foundation – smooth, but there are oils and waxy ingredients that cause skin irritation.

Cream-Powder Foundation – Turns dry, reduces oil and keeps it.

The Concealer thickens and balances the color around the eye.

Minerals – They have a good reputation because they have little ingredient and are suitable for sensitive skin.

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