The Bible Teachers of God's Peace

Peace. Real peace. Is there still such a thing? Yes, according to the Bible, this is so. It is from God, Who is the God of Peace. And Jesus is available to everyone who determines that he acts in the will of God. Peace means tranquility and tranquility, even if the storm of life is rampant. He lives in a realm of negative life, not because he never faces them, but because you know that your God and Father are more than capable of handling the way. The peace of God is a powerful spiritual weapon that protects you and I against the enemies of one's soul. We can stand against this weapon, regardless of what he is trying to bring to us. We will always be tempted by tricks and deception when we learn how to walk in God's peace.

What is the peace of God and how does it differ from peace with God? Answering the question is vital to understanding why so many Christians living in Jesus Christ are still defeated in Christian life and have little experience of the Lord's victory and success.

Peace of the Almighty God is every person who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the moment of salvation. When we give our lives to Christ, we are just, which means that they are aligned with God's pure and precious blood. This is the right thing with her, she gave peace to our God. Since we have received our nature and our lives, we are not God's enemies. Now we are our children. We do not want to object or obey him. Our desire to do His will, though we can sometimes retire. This is one of the greatest ways in the realization of the change that took place when our lives were given to Jesus. Before we were saved, we were sinning and we did not even pay attention to it. But after we receive Christ, even if we miss him, something is regrettable and sad because we know that he did not like our wonderful and loving Heavenly Father. Now we want to like her. We have peace with God, not for what we have done, but for what Jesus Christ did with us and through his death, burial and resurrection. All we have to do is to get peace with God to consider Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives.

Just because there is peace with God does not mean that God has peace. God's peace rest in our soul, no matter what happens around us. This is actually at a level of God's Word that exists in such a level that it is greater than anything outside of us.

Rest and rest lie in keeping the Word of God and His Word respected by His Spirit in life. When our minds are left to God, by remaining in our situation and circumstances, it generates abundant peace in our souls, sweet and so strong peace that worry is extinct. Concern is the enemy's means. Concern means that it is spiritually confused and therefore unstable. Peace brings about the complexity of heart and mind. Peace knows what God is saying and trusts that he keeps His word. The scriptures say, "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose minds are left to you, because he trusts in you." (Isaiah 26: 3)

So the most important thing is to walk in God's peace to keep our consciousness. But how can we keep our consciousness on God? By keeping our minds what he says. If you say that you will never leave and leave us, let us keep your attention to what he says and behave as he is. If we believe his promise, we will never pray: "Lord, come with us," or "Lord be with us". Accepting what he says, we will say, "Father, thank you for having me, here and now and will be with me wherever I go, because you promise and you can not lie." This brings peace, calm and sufficient certainty that God is here, now with me, wherever I am.

His Word gives us peace. And our life in His Word will be calm and calm. You want God's peace? Then read your Bible every day and do it for action. It will create peace that is so real that concern will be a thing of the past.



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