The Big Sex Foundation to love women

So you want to know how to have a wonderful sex with the woman? Well, that's the basic gameplay –


That's it. However, in the five fundamental steps, so many questions have been hidden that are capable of challenging men to accept both sexuality and their own. The most important steps are far from the dirty ones and the leaders who are most important to convert the "vanilla" sex life to the wild and sexy adventure you've always loved. This, however, means that it is imperative to uncover the woman's "bad girl" side, the side that has never been seen before.

This starts when you try to be dirty to talk to him. For you, it may sound strangely odd and quite foolish to hear yourself, tell all these things to her, but for him, it's deadly serious. After a few minutes of dirty conversation, your eyes widen, your body moves your teeth with a motionless motion. Suddenly you start to become the wild thing you've always dreamed of – but are you ready for this?

To look at how the "good girl" you've always known is suddenly starting to behave like this. – I've never seen. So you're worried – how did you get involved to get it? Will you be able to handle it? What will he do? You're a man who still drives him in that state and tells him what to do? Will he ask you to do something you do not feel? (19659002) It is precisely this that some people feel that they are "men" and even regrets that they are sorry that some people judge and handle it badly to protect their self-esteem and "hold control". This is a bad reaction and it shows that there are not enough people to handle this woman in that state. You also say a lot about your behavior toward women in general.

Confirm this fact. What do you want from her? If you want to go wild, that means you're acting like a bad girl. If it scares you and threatens you, you will not be wild and will continue to behave like a good little girl and your boring sexual life will continue. Do you think that a "good girl" can stay and go wild at the same time? "There is no such animal" as they say! Both or not. Also what is the problem? Do not you love this woman? Is not this the woman you share your life with? Has not it been with you long ago? If you love her when it is good and bad, is not it stronger than loving her when she is good?

The solution for this is LOVE WOMEN. Not only WOMEN, but all women. Not only the sexy women who turn around, but the fat woman, the thin, brittle woman's hopes and dreams, the old woman, so wise and bred, the wife, the housewife, the only girl, the widow and the spinster; the white woman, the black woman, the Asian and indigenous; lesbian, bisexual and transsexual; women's clothing and women wearing shorts; in jeans or businesswear; wearing glasses or contact; those totally naked and completely dressed – all questioning.

Every great love loves women. The behaviors you have to make women are wonderful; that conversation with women is one of the great pleasures of your life; that pleasant women in bed are the number one joy in life; that women are more fond of sex than men; that its sexual pleasure ability is virtually infinite; that a smell of a woman smells the greatest odor on the ground; that the recognition and understanding of women is your favorite hobby; and so on.

Many people say "I like women," but not really. Hugh Hefner, the Playboy owner, said this very well. Yet he is the guy who is lucky and on Friday night in the Playboy Castle, in a rotten bedroom that surrounds the trash, forcing young women to be pastors. 88 years old. Do you think these girls feel happy? Does this mean "I love women"? "What about the guys who hang out with their friends in the bars, make cheap jokes about women, and that the last woman they had sex with was the most amazing melle and that her body was hot, blah, blah, blah – "I love women" means turning to MANNING UP and the truth of female sexuality in the confidence that your own masculinity will show you the femininity, and rejoices in expressing your own femininity in the bedroom, knowing that you have to gain deeper experience of what it means to be a woman. Then, it will bring you greater understanding than what is actually human and will show you man and woman , the dance of love, which follows the aspiration of both sexes that they seek




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