The choices, make it

This seems obvious and difficult to argue. So why do most people prefer to play in their lives for the wrong game? If I had a dollar every time I talked to an athlete or an athlete's parent who told me they might have been a professional athlete, but "their coach did not support them" or "twisted them". he is retiring. For other often repeated "reasons" people can not reach their goal: "Timing was not right", "I did not have enough time", "My circumstances changed" and "I just lost my interest."

often tell my clients to go much faster than success from failures to success compared to objections to success. You only have limited time and energy, so how do you decide to use both of them, determine who you are and where you end up. Avoiding mistakes and mistakes is an inevitable part of life (except Kim Jong-un). Perfection is an attractive concept, but it does not exist in reality.

If you can only see errors and failures as part of the process, you will not feel that you have to deal with objections when they occur. Learning to accept this fact and assume the responsibility for all your choices and actions will lead to safe conduct and eliminate the need for faults and objections.

I also tell my clients that "the mistake is to save temporarily their own pain and inconvenience in situations." I think that human nature is part of the simple short-term relief that is made by mistakes and objections, but the truth is that it does not take as much work as we would think to create a new habit of responsibility. The most beneficial part of your payments is the relief of severe pain and discomfort for the remainder of your life, as well as increased efforts and success in every success.

Creating a Responsibility Behavior does not guarantee your success with any of your aspirations. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that you will never do it near your peak until you have done this habit. Think about excuses and blame the way you (hopefully) think about heroin. You may feel better in the first place, but you will not be able to cope with it over time. When was the last time (or anyone you knew) using heroin to do the highest on their own?

Dalia Lama said the best thing: "If you think someone has a different fault, you will suffer a lot. If you find that everything comes from you alone, then you will learn both peace and joy.



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