The easiest way to grow with your children: parents in new times with Ho & # 39; oponopon

Educating can be easier than you think, definitely more reward and efficiency if you remember just a few truths.

Ho oponopono, an ancient form of problem solving teaches us that our experiences and memories overwhelm the awareness of who we are and how we can create the life we ​​want. As we age and every day we get worries, fears and uncertainties that create restrictive beliefs based on judgments and opinions. Finally, we are torn away from being really, and we lose our relationship with nature and the universe of God (our pure source).

Concerns, fears, uncertainties, judgments, opinions and convictions are just "mistakes" and Ho The oponopono helps us to erase them. Oponopono is like the erasure key on your computer's keyboard

Most of our children's problems and difficulties are controlled by our memories. Many of these problems have been created by our memory bank programs; they start playing and then appear on our monitors that react in certain ways to our children. Our reactions are just reminders.

One way to fix errors (bugs) caused by Hoop oponopono

My master, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, with whom I've been studying for 12 years, always says, it's easier to teach Ho & # 39; oponopono as a chair than to teach people because people are thinking (meaning). We always think, compare and tell stories. We will always try to understand it!

I always find this concept easier for kids. They do not do things about unnecessary rationalization and they do not feel the need to understand everything as we do! In fact, the kids in my training were the best for me. I get such a sincere confirmation from them, knowing that children are much more honest than their feelings because they have not yet acquired the memories that guide them.

When I say to the kids: "Just say" Thank you and then you will leave me, "the kids go jumping happily and skipping, repeating" Thank you ". When I tell the adults to say, "Thank you," then leave, "adults ask." How do you say thank you? Do I have to understand? Should I feel it? Do I have to think about something when I say it? "We will always try to understand it, but there is nothing to understand, just have to do it (just press the delete button) do everything they are examining, just do it

Do you think your kids are here to teach them to tell them what is it the right and the perfect for them? Indeed these gurus have come to teach. If you do not know what is right for you, how did you know what is right for them?

Not long ago a mom came to me after a conference and said that his son wants to say something, he was 8 years old and said, "I told my mother," Thank you for bringing me in. "I practice this, so I have fewer problems when I grow up. "Then the mother consulted me about a problem, wanted my advice, so I looked at her son and asked," What would your mother say? "The boy said," I'd say you do not worry so much about not taking it seriously. "Then I said to the mother," The next time you have a problem, ask your son. "[19659002] Your children have come to your life to show you what to work for. Do not be afraid to solve the problem. You will be amazed at their relationship with inspiration and how wise they are cleaner and more realistic about their feelings and thoughts than just waiting

Children observe, do not listen to you, self-love and self-knowledge are essential to our well-being The best thing we can show them is that we love and accept ourselves as we are This is the best gift ever can give your child help them to avoid accepting love and the outside world as we do

Love is the wind under the wings You must love yourself, be happy and set the example Loving parents bring loving children and loving children create a loving world. After I wake up to this truth (I was very skeptical and I was silent), I told the boys:

"You know, you can be happy, you do not have to wait like me." I also taught them that it was okay to stop them first and do what they did for them. See, I know it sounds selfish, but what I found out when doing something to others or first with others (even with kids) if it does not work for you, it will not work for them. If you're ok, the kids are okay. Not the other way round. The end of the victim's end. You have to wake up. Because when you're happy, kids will be happier. You can not give them what they do not have.

Want to know how to communicate effectively with your kids? All you have to hear is, "I love you, thank you for being in my life." And the best time to tell them when they are asleep and the subconscious mind will hear. When you do this, your words go directly to their hearts. If your child no longer resides with you, talk to her if you know she is asleep. You get bigger results.

And if you do not feel like telling them aloud, you can repeat it spiritually, every time you think about them, or you feel like you are interfering or responding. Even if he is doing his teeth in anger. Do not forget to just press the erasure key so you can do it mentally and it will work even if you do not understand or feel that moment.

When you do these things you can simply relax because you give someone who knows them better, permission to take care of them. You do not really know what the kids have come to and / or have enjoyed in this life. Enjoy their existence and come to give it to you, and it will be beneficial for everyone.

Every time you say "thank you" or "love you" (even mentally, if you do not feel it),

responding, trying to control and give concern, give children to God, direct them, and protect them. Remember, God has created your children and knows what is perfect for them. No

Children are the future and we can change the world by keeping our children happy with your love and self-reflection. And teaching them that they are okay as they are, they have unique talents and that can be different.

I hope that one day human unhappiness will be an exception, not a norm. I believe in my heart it is possible and we can be oponopono Ho.

Mabel Katz



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