The foundation of faith

Romans 4:25 (Confirmed Bible) – Who was betrayed and deadly for our malevolence and raised to ensure our truth (our release).

Redemption has two phases. There is the vital side of the legal site and the redemption. It is very important to understand both parties in order to understand our identity in Christ and lay the foundations of faith. Very few teachers have made a difference in the way the Father has done by Christ, and what the Holy Ghost is through the Word. The lack of teaching and understanding prevented the believer from being grounded. If you do not know, there is no guarantee. If there is no guarantee, there is no leverage to stand. If you have no leverage, it is impossible to have a true biblical faith and win it. It gains leverage by knowing God's Word and knowing who you are in Christ. All this comes from redemption. What we may call mistakenly is often a question of knowledge. When acquiring the redeeming knowledge belief is an automatic byproduct. Redemption is the platform from which everything the believer has the right to receive.

The Bible consists of two legal documents, the Old Alliance and the New Alliance. The term "alliance" simply means "contract". God made a treaty with Abraham and established the covenant. Abraham circumcised himself and God made a sacrifice to mix blood and a treaty to be fulfilled. With this treaty came the law and the priesthood, as well as the sacrifices and celebrations that were given to us in the Jewish race and the Old Testament. This came from Jesus and the New Covenant. Jesus came and fulfilled the Old Alliance and created a New Alliance in his own blood. Instead of circumcision he became the Lamb; and his blood, the blood of mankind and deity, was crucified. With his own blood, his work is closed. Then, after his resurrection, he took his blood to Earth, where the Supreme Court of the Universe accepted this blood. This is the seal of the New Covenant and the documents of our salvation

Adam and Eve sinned and rebelled against God that he did not take him to his voice. This questioned God's integrity. We are our offspring and therefore become part of their sinful nature. Because of their disobedience they were legally excluded and divorced from God. Jesus was legally substituted for the fallen man. God has legitimately assumed the obligations of the Fall, and His Son became responsible. The death of Jesus was a legal death. He became our legal substitute. God made him the wickedness of all of us. "He who did not know how to follow sin, did God sin, to have us in God's necessity." Before he was resurrected from death, he was right. God has accepted what he has done as a victim and a substitute that meets the needs of justice. After being initiated in the Spirit, in a life-born Spirit; and legally conquered the enemy before he got up and deprived him of the authority he had taken from the first man Adam. Rom. 4:25: "He handed us over to our sins and raised him when (or because) we were just."

This is the redemption of the legal site. When Jesus came up from the dead, he dealt with the torment. Now he takes his own blood and carries it in the sky. God accepts, and Jesus is sitting in the right hand of God. Jesus is the leader of the new creation. In Colos.18 it was stated that the first was born of death. He is the first person to ever come back. We had to rebuild it because we had committed sin with our sins. Then it became fair. "He who does not know the sin has made it sin that God has put us into justice."

This is the foundation of our legitimate salvation. Faith comes to man by being aware of the legal work God has created in Christ. No one will acquire real biblical beliefs or read the testimonies of miracles done in the lives of others. He was tempted to study the Word and respond to it. The miracle shows what God can do for a man. He will now believe what God has done for him in Christ. Then faith comes. Then faith comes from the legal side of the redemption plan. We have tried to promote our faith and produce our faith in people by preaching the vital side of redemption. We thought the miracles would have believed. It promotes faith, but it does not produce. The only word that hit it. Romans 10:17 says, "Faith is heard and heard in the Word of God." God's Word creates faith when we know our Christ identity and what Christ has done to us through salvation. When we understand this, belief is no longer a problem, because there are redemptive facts. Faith is not necessary if you own. Faith is the sky's money and something needs to be acquired if there is something that you do not have to hit. It's yours. Simply accept and walk in. This thinking avoids questions related to healing or any other matter to discuss. If something redemptively matches ours. This facilitates the worker and fictional work from the equation and places our feet on solid ground. Jesus Christ is the rock with God in which we must stand. When we see ourselves as God sees us and take our redeemer, we find results in the name of Jesus.

Powerful Prayer:

Father, thank you for your Son, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that I am your child. Redemption covers all the needs that I can ever do in my life. I thank the New Alliance for legalizing my inheritance and my common heirs with the adoption of Christ with Jesus. I will inherit and receive all the provision you have given me and I will be in the name of Jesus in full. Amen


I have the nature of God in me, and I have legally transferred it to the family of God in the New Testament in Christ Jesus. All Jesus gave me my account, and I am just in his eyes. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus and worth the full price that Jesus paid. Jesus was crucified, defeated the enemy, raised up and sat in my name at the right hand of the Father. I have verified in Christ, and I was accepted by God for salvation. I will do all through Christ, who strengthens me, so nothing is impossible. The power of heaven is behind me and I can stand with the integrity and truth of the word of God and I will find results



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