The fruit of peace in times of scarcity

I recently read that scarcity is one of the three basic human triggers. Want to know the other two? Interest and contradiction!

The reading that inspired me to write about how to deal with your fears finds that every hypothesis is pointless to the hypothesis. How can you feel comfortable when you read that you are losing your home because of the possibility of paying a mortgage?
Here's what I'm doing. I put my mind in focus, rather than concentrating on my intended outcomes, not my fears. I use a statement like, "I'm so easy and happy to attract the ideal mortgage-seller for successful renewal."

I've just heard Bruce Cryer, the HeartMath organization. He described the effects of stress on our body and the light practical congruency routine.

Did you know that as a result of stressful emotions there are 1400 biochemical changes in the body? Yes, you read it well – 1400! If you have stressful feelings, your mind is cloudy and you make more mistakes. Your body is clumsy and easily falls and is injured.
If you have positive emotions, there are also biochemical changes; however, they are energizing and useful. HeartMath sells a product called EmWave that follows its heart rate. I watched Bruce's heart rate change change when he imagined the stressful situation, and then led to calm and smooth rhythm, simply following a simple process that took only a few minutes.

Here are the basic steps of the HeartMath technique, as I recall the call.
1. Pay attention to your heart.
2. Breathe into this area and feel the warmth. Breathe in and out like your heart.
3. Remember a person or situation that brings joy and appreciation. Spend some time to continue the process. In a short time your heart rate will be smooth and rhythmic and your body will experience positive biochemical changes.

As the Heart Activists, I have committed myself to live openly and to help others do the same. When I'm stuck for fear, I do not feel open. I want to close and defend myself. I think you are the same.

Are you worried about the scarcity to help me down? No way! This only allows the biochemical change 1400 to pass through his body. When you put trust in the power of your heart to create the life you want, you will make positive steps.

The next time you look at the news or read the paper or hear the announcement of fate and darkness, I remember focusing on your heart, breathing on it, and grateful that you love someone or your love.
The law of attraction tells us that we have received our attention and feel strong emotions, whether positive or negative. Use this technique to pay attention to what you want and vibration is positive.

Heart Health,



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