The Holy Quran is a poem about peace

  • Peace is the way of greeting in Islam

Muslims when they meet and engage with each other, they say, Assalam-o-Alaikum. That means you have peace. Consider the following two verses of the Quran about the greetings of peace.

"Salâmun Alaikum" (peace be upon you) because you are impatient! Excellent for the ultimate home! "Qur'anAr-Rad [13:24]

And the messengers of Ibrahim (Abraham) were pleased to say: Salam (greetings or peace!) Salam (greetings or peace), and hurriedly entertained them with roasted calf. Peace is the ultimate reward in the world

Allah Almighty has created the heavens as a home of peace In the first verse described below, we explicitly mention that good deeds are rewarded in peace In the second verse listed below, the Almighty Allah call heaven to the home of peace! "(They say to them):" Go in Paradise, peace and security. "Allah calls the house of peace (ie Paradise, accepting the religion of Allah for Islamic monotheism and good deeds, polytheism, and hesitation of evil deeds), and guides those straightened by the Prophet Ibrahám praying for peace [10:25]



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