The Importance of Moral Values ​​in Today's Situation

Modern mass society contrasts sharply as young people grow up. They face confusion, delays and interruptions. Adolescents are particularly insecure about themselves. Some contradict each other, embarrassing the insecurity.

Values ​​are generally influenced by changing philosophical ideologies, cultural and religious prospects, social, political, and geographic conditions. In the modern emerging society, besides the influence of modern culture, industrialization, modernization, urbanization, globalization and multinational corporations, a number of factors have revolutionized the value field.

Values ​​are guiding principles that are decisive for everyday behavior as a critical life situation. Values ​​include principles or behavioral norms. Values ​​are considered desirable, important and appreciated in a society where a person lives. [1] Value teaching means that children stimulate a sense of humanism, a deep concern for the welfare of others and the nation. only to be realized when children are deeply committed to the values ​​of values ​​that will build this country and bring people back to the pride of work that will lead to order, security and safe progress.

Value teaching is designed to develop value and character targeting educational activity. All our actions and thoughts are impressive in our minds. These impressions determine our behavior at a given moment and our responses to the given situation. The sum of all our appearances determines our character. The past has defined the scenes, and even so, our current thinking and actions will shape our future. This is a key principle of personality development. Human values ​​are solved with lasting effects that are needed to change thinking and behavior in the 21st century.

If there is truth in the heart, it will be a beauty. If there is beauty, then there will be harmony in the home If there is harmony in the home Will be okay in the nation when there is order in the nation Peace will be in the world "

the development of humanity and the old intellectual and spiritual values ​​of the age begin to dominate the bodily values. Therefore, in participating in moral education, teachers should keep in mind that young people should be taught.

For the deserved people, prizes can be given to show honesty, courage, and truth.

According to the father of the Indian nation, father of MKGandhi

"If the wealth is lost, nothing is lost"

"If health is lost, something is lost"

"If character is lost all lost" 19659002] The best of all things is the character.



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