The inner peace of happiness

Happiness is not the same as inner peace. But the truth is that many people think or say, "I want to make a difference" when they really want (and think that they know), the inner peace is bigger. The world is now smaller and we are bombarded on all sides with so many advertisements, unwanted information and images that our inherent capacity within us has become more and more challenging. Not your fault

Happiness does not necessarily result in inner peace, but inner peace in almost every case makes us happier.

The first thing some wise propose is what mankind is.

What is humanity?

Life is meaningful and not random. We have developed for one purpose and are in contact with life's resources. We do not recognize our Unity with the Creator, so it confuses and interferes with the world. We are the Creator of the Almighty, whose purpose and destiny is for mankind. To achieve inner peace, we must first make sure that we understand our intellect and purpose. I can not do this for you. I can only control the ideas I'm convinced of. You have to think of yourself and make sure you do it yourself.

I've paraphrased a wise statement I've ever seen – As a wind can not move through a rocket and can not create a 747, so this wonderful universe could not have happened randomly.

To feel that you understand your existence is one of the most appropriate things. When you think about it and you are convinced, it is restrained by it. It will not solve all the problems and challenges. There are more and more different challenges you may have. But within a direction and purpose now. This is your soul. You may still be crazy about your parents, children, spouse or boss. War and hunger may be disturbed. (As you should) Hey, you can make the whole world war, but you will be in peace with your souls.

You Are the Soul

The tiredness and the wall of the physical world is unsatisfactory. No matter how much money a person has, there is no peace without spirituality. This is because the body gets something from the physical world, but the soul does not. Does her soul eat pizza? Are you sitting on the beach? Go to a movie? The soul is spiritual and just enjoys the spiritual things. The food is delicious but it only takes 20 minutes. However, if you thank the service provider for the meal, he adds a spiritual element that raises the whole experience and thus includes the soul.

Internal peace requires a lot of tools and a lot of internal development on a daily basis. The first step is to identify the body's needs and the desire for the soul. The body wants pleasure, comfort and relaxation. The soul desires wisdom, meaning, and good deeds.

Inner Peace:

Step One: You know why humanity is here.

Step Two: Understand the Relationship between Body and Spirit



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