The inner peace

Peaceful peace is the attainment of serenity, congruence and harmony.

Serenity requires both sensitivity and disassociation.

With sensitivity and detachment I'm relaxed with other people. I'm sensitive to their emotional state and divorced from emotional needs and dramas

I can see the way without sticking to it.

Serenity is in peace with the world. This is the attainment of inner peace and serenity

Serenity is the effect of having no resistance in his life

This makes it easy for me to go to life

This is a freedom that is free from fears.

A Freedom That Is Free Of Pain

This Is A Freedom That Is Free Of Problems

Serenity Has A Neutral Polarity

To be calm to overcome the good and bad duality of right and wrong, positive and negative, clash and conflict.

Serenity is not polarly opposed

Serenity is often attributed to sovereignty or ruling class where its subjects believe that it is in their common interest to have their rulers in peace with the subjects, without conflict or clash, and be positive, correct and good rules, laws and regulations for the benefit of their people.

Serenity is a personal acquisition, not a title acquired.

Congruence both are exclusive and interconnected.

To my exclusive relationship with my true self I align with my true path

I am related to the exclusive path of my destiny.

Exclusive I am neither inclusive nor excluded

Equality is the state that is consistent with the way I choose.

Following my chosen path, my power is in line with power

My clarity also coincides with my direction.

I t My thoughts are in line with my emotions.

My vision is in line with my goals.

My real values ​​are in line with my life.

My providence is in line with my benefit.

My experience is consistent with my intention.

Congregation with other people is not a state of being but a definite action.

I can not achieve congruence by coordinating with another path.

is in accordance with My Self and my self is in harmony with My Spirit.

Harmony requires the attainment of rational consciousness and emotional consciousness.

I am emotionally rational, knowingly conscious of my physical and mental reality.

My intelligence is neither irrelevant nor irrational, as my right and left brain are in harmony with my solar space and my heart.

Harmony stands for being in peace with itself. Internal Accordion Is No Internal Conflict

My Powerful State Status Is No Opposition or Conflict

My emotions are harmonious if they are not balanced

There is no unclean emotion against myself

My yin and yang are balanced and in harmony.

I agree with my real self.

There is no self that is in opposition or conflict.

and women's emotional states to the creature

My crimes and virtues are the same.

Energy Transmitment is Not Divided by Gender Wave

I live my true identity because I am in my personality and my character.

With a harmonic gender and a relaxed polarity, I arrive with universal intensity and inner peace



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