The labyrinth of the mind

While visiting Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont, in 2007 he was the most promising spiritual journey in the seven-round labyrinth. I read about the labyrinth, but never had the opportunity to experience what it was for me.

Morning was sunny and wet and the air was cold. I discovered that there was no soul coming down to the enclosed closed space where the labyrinth was. I felt myself seizing the moment when I entered the shelter of spiritual comfort and wisdom. In silence there is an unspoken linguistic world that words alone can not convey a rich and extensive meaning.

Near the labyrinth was a beautifully designed stone statue. The river, which was sliding through every artistically designed piece, came to me. The bench, which was so thoughtfully positioned along this structure, was an invitation. It was as if the streams of my soul had the power to hear and express it. The peaceful durability of this place called me. I had to stay for a while, listen and feel beyond this physical world.

In my experience, I've lost all the time feeling. Amazingly, no one else entered this shrine while walking in the labyrinth and receiving messages that were naturally mediated. Immediately after these changes, I found myself writing in the resort. I sat in a window and saw the beautiful place that moved to another place.

In the following paragraphs, I left moments in the present in order to reflect on what was created and kept alive. They remind me of their infinite teachings that will always be.

As soon as I enter the labyrinth, I realize that silence comes to mind. There is a path here that is wisdom on every leaf, every flower, breath in the air, and on the earth on which I am walking. With regard to my environment, I realize that I do not know the names of the vegetables, flowers, herbs and trees that they have surrounded. I get the higher message that their name is not as important as the truths they carry by their existence.

Panic always reminded me of the family members who passed on to the ghost. Their love lives forever and is embedded in my heart. These rogues here and there scatter through the path. The meaning of "remembrance" now takes my present when I travel from this physical space. These dances mirror the increased consciousness and I find that I focus on it. The color combinations of yellow, purple and cream focus on the mind.

I can see some red strawberries under concealed protective leaves, they are perfectly formed. All I have to do is find these treasures on the path. Saffron and other herbs make me touch them, revealing the scent to "purify" the healing – for the mind, the body, and the soul. I can see the little earth cover in the form of light green tiny leaves. They are hard to touch, but their surface is smooth. Each leaf has a dew ball that resembles pure beads. When I felt these fern-like leaves, these tiny crystalline bullets would retreat, stay and disappear.

I feel like refreshing my way through the round trip in the middle of this labyrinth. The air is cool and yet it clarifies my being, and I completely forget ground temperature. I'm somewhere else.
There are some very unusual plants with flowers. They look like wanders around. Others are beginning to break through and others have already done so. Some people have exhausted their physical energy – our human lives are symbolic – but we continue in another form. I noticed that these pink and pink flowers are in front of you, which are very different. Here and there they appear along the way, joy and players singing. That reminds me of Serbian and childhood. I find myself smiling when I go back to early care in time. To live and live well inside the child, at all times and places.

As I approach the rings closer to the center, I notice that the focus point sometimes leads directly to my side, sometimes just a meter away and just in the blink of an eye as I round the corners. I bet as much as I can.

I see some plants that want to survive when others are doing well. I recall that their food is not enough to grow. Sometimes we do not pay full attention to our own needs. In order to grow from our source, we need to be aware of what needs to be flourished. Mind, body, and spirit must be nourished in a balanced way. Connecting to earth, our earthly relationship is needed as we grow. We must be good at our temple. Our bodies and our consciousness must become clear as our Spirit must be fulfilled through our earthly existence. Some flowers bloom but do not seem open. It recognizes the universal energy that is ever present. Listen to the message. Here, the place of silence, renewal and guidance. My soul and spirit must be open and talk about who I am.

As I entered the center of this glorious labyrinth, my eyes were still closed. The relationship with the source overcomes. Deep red colors appear before me in my eyes. Energy throws me from my feet to my head, my mind … and beyond. Suddenly I feel warm on my face. I can see that the sun is now out in the clouds. Ideal timing arrives at the moment of focus. It then disappears quickly and remains cloudy. There is one reason for this very short "opening". The duration of peace is in the depth of rest, but the movement prevails.

As they slowly go back to the entrance to the labyrinth, I feel like I'm on another level of interpretation. I feel like looking at the whole square. I feel grateful for the interaction between spirit and nature. Even in plants, each of which is so different in the term. Every beauty is there.

Continuing with my walk, I can see more about how the perspective widens from the opposite direction. Leaves, which are a little coarser than the others, appear. There are small white flowers around it, even if the branches are bare leaves. There are beautiful yellow flowers on this path, some of the budding formation and some furling open to the sunlight of the song. The stems are higher than the others. Everyone needs to have this symphony of life and grace our world.

The fall season and the time to look into, nourish all emptiness, and we need to weep and grow. The beautiful water fountain enjoys continuity of the seasons in novelty and refurbishment. Be aware of who you are, where you are, and who is destined to be in line with the truths. Everything around nature is in the swirling arc. There are endless varieties of plants and ferns abundant with birch, balsams, and other trees. Yellowish and green larch reddish leaves are thick in color. Brown-eyed susans, purple nude necklaces, lush and thick hedges, red berry bushes are infinite pleasures to feel so sensual, feel and feel so delicate. The lawn is dense and light to dark and back smoothly. The distant hills have varied colors. They seem to be closely tied around the clouds. These distant lines are in the sky like their canvas. Here is the life, the sight and the invisible. I fill myself with the richness around me and the peace and comfort that is my food. I hear and feel otherwise. My ship is renewed here.

The labyrinth reminds me of the movement of the energy cycle, not stagnation or empty corners. Our thoughts move in the direction of the energy sought. Birds play in this space. Let's think and soar. A very young squirrel quickly appears on a thick birch trunk and disappears. Examine the waters. Expand your awareness. You move from your comfort because growth is your right to God. You think MORE. Keep your way. Discover your truths. Let the novelty come in. Feel in every cell of your being and listen to your direction. Be receptive. It's coming … and … TALK!

With the autumn sunset, some of the Earth seems to retreat or seems lifeless while others are successful. So it's with us. What has fed us in the past may be coming. We will need time and place to rebuild and prepare for the new beginnings. Further strength may be needed with expanded wisdom. Something else will be our place that will be more appropriate to us as we change our lives in the seasons. Be you who you are … here and now … You can fully feed on the path of enlightenment. Be ever grateful for the Spirit's hands. The control light is always predictable when it is open and receptive to it. Walk in advance, even if the way has not yet been clearly defined. The Infinite Spirit reveals what needs to be when we are ready. Be patient to be in harmony with the wisdom of the universe. Rejoice on this road, to the source center, so it will be.



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