The perfect family leaves the tropical Thai beach

Over the last few years, my wife and child have looked for a high and low search for a perfect holiday destination that will make the whole family entertain everyone, while offering a peaceful, quiet and convenient environment to be able to include yourself, completely relax and take off the treadmill. During our search, there were some very nice patches, but in each of these experiences we lacked one or more key components, all of which agreed that they were absolutely necessary to be completely satisfied and content. However, we have just returned from your most recent family vacations and we are happy to announce that you have found the perfect family shelter (which ensures that your family enjoys beach vacations) and want to share the hit with all those who have spent time reading this post

The place

The place where we found something to entertain and entertain everything, is relatively untouched 20 km long sandy beaches in the Andaman Coast on a tropical jungle background. – The name of the region is Khao Lak and is about an hour drive from Phuket International Airport and within Khao Lak there are 3 major tourist sites; Bang La On, Khuk Khak and Bang Niang. Khao Lak literally means Lak Mountain, and there is a nature reserve on the mountain that makes it one of the local attractions that I thoroughly enjoyed in the nature of walking and guided Jungle treks. All three spots are fairly quiet and from the accommodation from altitude to luxury to backpack stains offer something for all budgets and this strange, beautiful location in Thailand to be accessible to everyone. In fact, if you prefer a quieter holiday during your vacation, Khao Lak is not just perfect for a family holiday, but for everyone who relaxes and relaxes in nature. is the location of the ideal honeymoon, as there are many attractions that are fascinating and interesting while not too bright and intrusive. If you want to go to Khao Lak in a particularly quiet season, I advise you to go from the low season in April to November.

The accommodation

As I mentioned earlier in this post; there are hotels that match all budgets and satisfy most of the tastes and requirements in a place where their heads lie. We decided to hire a villa in a resort, as we know from experience so it is easier for us to live our life, as in most hours we have staff to support us what we needed. We like our private reception of private life while we continue to enjoy the recreation pool, bar, restaurant and, in this case, the Kids Club, which perfectly suits us. So in the days we could leave the kids to enjoy themselves with what the Kids Club organized on that day while my wife and I were on a scooter or a guided tour to explore nearby attractions and attractions – many of them. The beach also had a stunning view of the sea, according to locals, the best sunset in the province. The beach is ideal, soft, sandy, and the sea is warm and as bright as you can, actually the knowledge of diving is very enjoyable in this area because of many sea life and many interesting things to see. So if you are diving, make sure that you enjoy some fun diving in Khao Lak.



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