The power of peace, the month of fish, 2014

The Power of Peace

What We All Expect From the Planet Earth's Prediction of February 18 and March 20

Meditation for Fish

"There's no sign even less elusive that the Pisces , the Pisces, this part of the Zodiac, are as agile as the astral world, furious, yet the same waters in a strange, silvery calm, and the beauty of the beautiful dusk and the beauty of the fountain that recognizes the melody, the tempo and the harmony of the spiritual worlds the concept of divine truth, the transcendental relationship, the unity of love with one life, the Spirit of the world sounds like a calm sound, peace is the pinnacle of the proliferated Piscean life that allows you to emanate a power far beyond the worldly power. "John Jocelyn

The Sun Enters the Pisces on February 18 [19659002] Light shines on your power to have your peace [19659007] Integration into our highest spiritual understanding is the clear call of the last sign on our Zodiac Wheel before we return to Spring. With fish led by Neptune, this is the great pain of the world that we can experience and experience the same feeling during this transit because the collective can easily perceive sympathetic and empathic bonds. The greater the pain, the greater the peace, when it is to be followed when healing and truth is the power of his way. The fish can be the extreme darkness of the new light. Those who are afraid to deny the pain experience take advantage of their most precious gifts: their own intuition. This innate quality that the Pisces give in purist form, and when they are truly listened to, the power of the soul and truth can be fully exploited. Spend time with a Pisces this month and you will find that it is a very busy time.

The Mercury Immediately in Aquatic On February 28 Where Life Returns to Normal

Fish Enter March 17 Where Communication Can Find The Recipe

18 Degrees of Aquarius to Turn around , and now passes through the shadow passage by March 20. The first loud Mercury Retrograde of 2014, and we all presented us with the usual combination of schedule, routines and interviews from February 06 onwards. The forward-looking movement of Aquarius signals our communication capability and now clearly sees the clever and the original way to move freely. Still, it is around the air of unpredictability and the sensation of separation, where it may be necessary to create the right innovation.

From 17 March to 7 April between fish, collective thinking is becoming increasingly sensitive, unbridled, graduated and ultra-sensitive. At this time, it will be critical to not let emotions get embarrassed. If we rely on the organization we have reviewed and re-animated in Aquarius, we can remember how to stabilize their thoughts when we are nervous.

Mars Returns to Libra March 01

Where Desires and Motivations Reassess and Review

Our planet Pioneer has been preparing us for Libra's re-evaluation, started on December 26, 2013. With the activity of the Third Inner Planet with the 2014 Retrograde Activity, this transit offers us less "no and no" than the Venus and Mercury warnings as we began our year. The latest retrogrades of Venus and Mercury were all under the Mars Rx approach that began at the end of December in December. Now, there is a need for more review modes where "independence from co-dependence" will be the subject of this insightful step. Whatever the unhealthy roots are, now is the time to get rid of free will in this non-serving choice.

Mars is a planet that promotes action, leadership, motivation, desire, and tremendous energy that always provides incentives wherever you can to visit our individual lives. Under the Balance Under Libra, until 19 May, we must ask to recognize what further compromises are needed as it is recommended at a lighter pace and we are actually listening to both sides of the reflective questions. What do we support here? Taking our time will have less penetrating capabilities that typically unfold when they are moving too fast. Patient speed is always needed for Mars cycles to dampen the natural aggression that may be warming up, which may not be so polite in Retrograde under the Libra.

This is the second turnaround for the Karmic Director to go back to July 20 to pass the Eagle to the way back to 16 degrees Scorpio.

Where Satisfaction Replacing Scorpio March 02

Saturn repeatedly asks for a long-term review and a redesign period where the patient's awareness and rethinking process is fully completed in this area of ​​life. Our independence to listen to this call is what makes our reward with the necessary responsibility where Scorpio personally touches us. What we do not really live is that we usually see the lessons learned so that we can better understand the practical tools that we want to follow while we can not fully count on them.

Where the harmony and understanding become innovative

Well, over the last few months, Venus's seemingly longer stay in the Goat, where he spent last autumn and in winter from 05 November 2013. Now that the shadow of Retrograde is between December 21st and January 31st, he is delighted to enter Water Bearer as he is really ready to socialize and return to some kind of intellectual society. The Venus cycle always guides us to better understand where to go, but he loves being friendly and experimental in Aquarius. You know that the latest changes Mercury Retrograde has bought here balances everything in the idealistic way that life is planned for April 5.

The Crabs and Your Cancer Areas Find Lessons Learned Recently – November 2013

The Crabs and Your Cancer Areas Find Lessons Learned Recently – November 2013 It has been reviewed since 07 – it is closing. Jupiter does not return to retrograde by 2025. Let's go on a rugged reflective road and think about what happened in your life in 2001-02 when Jupiter was the last time you visited your life in a similar cycle. Jupiter is our planet, which provides us with profound learning, a real growth, and is obviously a lucky or good misfortune in some way in this area of ​​life. Action is also part of the new foundation that will be built up by the upcoming Great Cardinal Cross by the end of April and will deal directly with vivid energy by motivating, transforming, and unexpectedly working together in the life of your life.

As we swim with the Pisces, our human experiences can enter a great depth of spiritual understanding into the peace given by SILENT LISTEN to that peace to receive the power of power



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