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Nehemiah Teaching Step 1:

Nehemiah reported in Babylon that the walls of Jerusalem were demolished and the gates were burnt with fire. He greatly disturbed and sacrificed the people of God.

Nehemiah was the emperor of the king. He was a designer, but he recognized that he should pray. He needed the Lord to succeed. If we want to achieve great things in our lives, we have to pray like Nehemiah – recognizing that God alone can give us victory and success.

Do you have a dream or vision that you believe is from God? Then preparing for prayer and planning will be a great key to success. Nehemiah did not rush into the king and pulled out what he wanted. If he did, he would probably have blown it.

He fasted and prayed, asked God's kindness and success, then waited for the king to initiate the conversation with him. We also have to wait for God's timing. Then, when the moment came, he asked courageously. He grabbed his courage and asked the king for everything he wanted.

God answered his prayer. These are the successful steps that you can use in your life to dream or vision that God has given you. Learn from Nehemiah.


With the blessing of the king, Nehemiah was given away as an absence. He also received the tree from the royal forest to return to Jerusalem and begin to build beams in Jerusalem's gates and walls.

The enemy arrives shortly when we begin building something to God. Mockery and ridicule often begin. This happened with Nehemiah. But he trusted that God would continue to succeed in seeing his vision – that the walls were rebuilt.

God's vision will always be opposed by the enemy. Satan often uses people who are threatened by God's servants. That was the case. How do we react to mockery and ridicule? We need to know that it is behind the hostile activity, especially if we are trying to liberate us.

If another fox has climbed, it breaks down the walls of the stones! cursed. Mockery and ridicule make dissatisfaction with the task ahead and, as the work of God slanders, somebody agrees that someone else can do better!

The point, however, is that God has called us. We must respond as Nehemiah – heaven God will be ours. This is about God's work; He alone will empower us and maintain us. I can do all this through Christ, who strengthens me!

3rd [1986:1969:003] In 1986 I asked Nehemiah Chapter 3 in the house where we ran in our house. I read that the inhabitants of Jerusalem had built their parts in front of their own house and felt that God had asked me to build the wall in front of my own house. I was not entirely sure what that meant, but then I read this verse-Shallum repaired the next part with her daughters. There were a lot of unusual at the time that women were used and therefore deserve special attention.

He broke in me – God uses women! God will use it to build the wall in front of my house. The following day, the next day, the local Anglican minister spoke and asked if he could visit our group of people in the planes of Christians in different churches in the region to get to know each other. At the meeting of the House Groups, I shared what I felt God told me this part. The Anglican Minister told us that a small church was built near my house, which was available if you wanted to use it.

This was the building we used to start a new Scholarship in our area. After attending a 9-week school at the Ellel Ministries in 1993, I invited Peter Horrobin to come and attend a weekend conference for this Fellowship, which moved to Frensham, two miles away.

That very weekend at Pierresten School in Frensham was put on sale and God asked me to take Peter to school. Then, in February 1995, the Ellel ministries bought Pierrepont School and Peter asked me to be the headmaster of the center for the work there. God tell me the idea of ​​the school of the NETS ministry and that people from all over the world go to the Pierrepoint to be able to train and equip themselves in healing, disarmament, teaching, and evangelism at school. So fourteen years later, in 2008, I still build the wall for God outside my own house. # 39;

Does God ask for somewhere to build a wall – even outside his own house?



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