The Principles of Christian Faith – Resurrection of the Dead

The foundations of Christian faith are vital because Christian, without Christian, loses its difference, material and depth. In fact, the essence of the essence of Christian faith is the core teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. These foundation teachings have six principles. In other articles, we examined the first four. You can now view it on the EzineArticles page. The six principles of the teaching of Christ can be found in chapter 6, verses 1 and 2 of the Hebrew book. In this specific lesson, let us now look at one-fifth of the six principal commanders of the teaching of Christ. This is the Council of Resurrection of the Dead.

Many people want to know the truth about the resurrection of the dead. In fact, some wondered if such a thing was, and then they came to their own conclusion that when she died she was ready. However, biblical teachers are anyway. God's Word reveals that he is resurrected from death and post-mortem life.

It is about the resurrection of the dead, and in the Bible it is clear that there are more resurrections. That is why you call this particular principle to the Doctrine of Christ, called the "resurrection of the dead," instead of "the resurrection of the dead."

If they were called, "the resurrection of the dead, it may be assumed, and they came to the conclusion that there is only one resurrection for the dead, of which we all would be together, at the same time." There are several resurrection of the dead where the Bible simply says: "the resurrection of the dead."

Scripture teaches that man has an eternal spirit, a soul, and lives in a physical body like flesh and blood, and when our physical body is dead and in the grave, the real man, true, living where we are going after physical death is determined by the choices we choose. The Bible, of those who accept the gift of God's eternal life when we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Personal Savior, will depart from our bodies at the moment of death, to be with Christ in the heavens. "(2 Corinthians 5: 5): 1-8)

What is meant for those who did not receive the Messiah the Lord Jesus, will also go out of their bodies. However, their spirits do not go to the Lord, but rather go to the place of suffering, a state that desires everything, just pleasure or fun. They will say more about the Bible's statement when we examine the sixth principle of the teaching of Christ. Let us now look at the two resurrections mentioned in the scriptures. Among these two resurrections, our Lord Jesus Christ spoke in the book of John, chapter five.

Jesus spoke of the resurrection of true and resurrection and of injustice or justice. So there are two resurrections. And they are not the same and there are no times or seasons. Resurrection of truth occurs at the time of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. In order to formulate this context, the Bible states that the Christian faith is based on the truth and reality that the Lord Jesus Christ ascended from death and ascended into Heaven, from which he returns to earth twice in the future. For the first time the Master returns, He will be for His people who know Him Lord and Savior. This is called the "Hopeful Hope" of the believer. (Titus 1: 13, 1 TT 2: 13-16) We are the ones who have given us the life of Christ or are looking for, waiting for the Master to return. I hope that this will give us in the midst of a world that is insane and does not see the changing direction, because it is good and true God, so we want to live as saints (1 John 3: 2-3) [19659002] The second time that Lord Jesus Christ will come when he comes and rules in this world as king of kings and master of lords, he will come with his people at this moment, so when he first comes he will come for his people and next time he comes, with his people will.

When the Master comes for his saints, we will experience the resurrection of the righteous, those who are in the grave, the dead, a new and glorified body, free from death and corruption, and those who are still alive are also experiencing this change and our body's ransformation. Change. We must stand and go to Heaven to be with Jesus.

But what about the second resurrection, the resurrection of those who did not accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? What does the Bible teach about this? The dead dead should be lifted from the dead. However, their resurrection will be able to stand up to the great and terrifying God, the great white throne of Jehovah, and to report their lives and choices. This is seen in the book of Scripture in Rev. 20 of Revelation.

Teachers of the Bible are resurrected from the dead. If you believe in the Scriptures and have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, then we will be waiting for eternal happiness. But if you are convinced that if you are dead, you are ready, you have no blessed hope, only the sadness you can expect and experience.



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