The relationship between love, peace and joy and attraction

The famous movie a few years ago exploded the law of attraction through the Internet and launched the New Age Revolution in conscious creation. The law of attraction is a universal law that "says energy as energy". In other words, this law boomerang has an impact on your living experience that you give out. The term Bible uses the term "want to live what you are".

The movie claims what you think you are. And if you add feelings and emotions to the equation, you can create a live experience. Act always works for you, regardless of whether you are aware of it. What you experience depends largely on the level of vibrational energy that you send to the universe or the universe as it is in the movie. So if you do not live in your dreams, it's time to look at your vibration.

If it is true that it becomes much easier to manifest what you desire in your living experience, why are so many still struggling there and living battles? Let's examine the reasons for this. We all know or say that all energy and everything exists on a vibrating scale or frequency. We also know that even our thoughts are frequencies. So, based on this truth, would you say that those who are fighting life are thinking of such low-minded thoughts? I'm sure many people do. What if that were not the only factor? We know that if you get into doubt, anger, fear, worry, and so on. From your thoughts, these sensations of low frequency, "moving energy" contribute to the experience of the struggle. But what if you did not have to constantly listen and control your thoughts? I am convinced that this was one of the biggest scandals for those who tried to use the law of attraction in their lives. There is one more solution.

Increase your frequency to "Love" and your problem is resolved. Love is a high-frequency emotion, and when you live in this vibration, you automatically attract more love into your life. But love does not work alone. Vibration of Love comes with joy and peace. When you use this frequency, you can make it easier to control your thoughts, much easier. Have you ever been worried about something when you're in Joy's vibration? It is possible that it is impossible. But they say that there is something that comes up that creates anxiety or doubt, it will find that if Frequency is one of Love, you can afford to be neglected so that you do not get the chance to affect the vibration level.

So when you live in Vibration of Love, Joy and Peace, everything you create will be at this frequency. All. You will automatically attract more that keeps this vibration. Do something you love that satisfies and nourishes your soul. Nowadays, everyone can hear these words "follow your heart" or "find the purpose of your life", so if you do not feel happy doing something that generates income for you, what you do will not resonate. In this new era of consciousness, we are all here to serve each other. So if serving brothers means home baking starts a cookie business, it's fun to do it, so do it! You see, the joy spreads the joy around you and so on, etc. And you can serve it. Its vibrations rub around you, so it is very important that at this time there are high vibrations and find what makes you happy.

I love you so much, in peace and joy! Namasté



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