The Secret and Law of Attraction – Do They Work or Not? Reply!

Hello, dear reader!

The Secret seems to be interested. In this case, you have a chance to work on the law of attraction at least once in certain areas of life.

And since you want to know more about the law of attraction (the good thing you are looking for), I think you weren't successful, right? (But I bet you want it!)

Well, according to the theory, the Law of Attraction works ALL: one doesn't have to "try" and it must work, it already works. So why do we say we can't work? 🙂 I'll tell you why.

When we say we can't work, what do we really mean? We mean we don't have the desired income, right? But again, according to the law, we got exactly what we wanted. So what gives? Or the Law of Attraction doesn't work or we don't know what we want!

Read the last sentence: What – No – We Know – What – What – Really – We Want!

And this, my friend, is a great obstacle that retracts from the "Law of Attraction Work": You can't recognize and accept that you really want what you get! See? Or not yet?

But now we could say: If anyone knows what I want, it's me! What do you mean, I don't know what I want? – And the answer: We, people, may have different parts to want different things and / or different results from the same situation.

Why is it so? Because our minds are very advanced and complex learning machines in many other ways. And then we can learn (accept) the ideas on the same subject. We also have the opportunity to influence different people, different concepts, the same topic, even in the same period of our lives!

In each case, we need to make sure that a particular option is the best for us. Just like a (other) "I want this". You got it?

In order to make it clear that our opponents "want", I will show an ordinary lifestyle that shows that: You know, when someone feels crying, but doesn't try at the same time? Because of the same situation, such a person has different "wants" for different reasons (emotional and others). Now tell me: What does this person want?

Not a black or white answer, wouldn't you say?

So yes, there may be different desires or wishes! Heck, you can have more than one personality!

So when you (with your conscious mind) choose a particular result as "this is what I want", then maybe a dozen other "I", which are also part of yourself, may want another thing. Each of these causes contains added energy, which means how well you feel. You follow me?

Suppose the consciously selected income (summons) is 10% of the energy your mind "feels" about the whole topic. And suppose the other 90% points in the opposite direction (call ab). Now, answer this question: Do you want to, or b? 🙂

Now you understand what I mean "you don't know what you really want"? Yes? Large!

By now (unlike many people) you understand that the fact that you don't get "what you want" does not mean that the Law of Attraction does not work. This simply means there are some things you can discover.

You have now taken the first step to work. Congratulation!

I hope this article has become an eye-catcher.

Now you have to realize that for some reason you have raised the document into your life!

Continue the research and always find what you are looking for. You just have to be ready to recognize it!




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