The secret of root chakra – Foundations of the foundation

When you do YOUR chakra meditations, you have the opportunity to balance all your life from all your spiritual awakening to relationships with your finances and all of them.

And your energy level just like any other structure. This starts with the basics. If you build a house, you must first make sure the foundation is deep, stable and reliable. Then you can build peace.

So, as you are prone to the sacred architecture of the body, because it is the energy system of your consciousness, we deeply and thoroughly examine the foundation.

At the bottom of your system we find the root chakra, also known as base chakra or muladhara chakra.

In most approaches to balancing chakras or curing chakras, the root chakra is described in classical form as four petal lotus or an analogy of a plant's root. These are all valuable symbols that bring great benefits when focusing on root chakra. And since these descriptions are so plentiful and contained in many texts, I leave them here.

The YOFA approach to root chakra's sacred bases contains many elements that have not been described elsewhere. That is why I will focus the reminder of this article on the unknown aspects of the root chakra that is only described in the YOFA manual, "Infinite: Yoga in Adjustment".

At the end of this short article, there will be an extensive understanding of the root chakra as well as a meditation exercise that can start this chakra's power into everyday life. Foundation Foundation

To make your foundations truly stable and supportable in other aspects of your life, you can do a simple meditation trick. You can awaken the foundations of the foundation. With this very simple meditation you can guarantee the significant YOFA meditation practice. It only takes a few moments to add to this exercise – in fact, you can do this before any meditation practice and I guarantee that meditation is worse, cleaner and more advanced than if you did not make up for this YOFA process.

Try this:

You can meditate on a pillow or a chair.

1 – Make spelling correct to gravity. Feel your sitting posture by using minimal muscle contraction to get straight upright.
2 – Now, pay attention to the root chakra on the trunk. It's right in the center where the body meets the chair or pillow.
3 – 3 Breaths – Breathe in and out through the root chakra. Breathe in, up, and through the chakra. Breathe, down, and through the chakra.

During these three slow breath processes, the post may rearrange in a more central vertical direction. This is good. Let this happen as it is.

4 – 3 Multiple Breaths – Now you continue breathing through the chakra. But as you exhale, let the breathed breath fill the bottom circles. These are the circles of the root chakras on both sides of the physical butt. In the energy body, they appear in two intersecting circles, the chakra and the center of the intersection.

Do not worry if you can not imagine. Simply skip the breath to fill the bottom but still feel, imagine or imagine them.

Do this 3 slow breaths or more.

These bottoms are the outer casing of the chakra, and these are the foundations of the foundation. With this short meditation, you base your foundations and create a huge platform for the pleasure of your heart's desires.

3 Ways to Use This Meditation:

1 – If you are completely new to meditation, you can use it as a full meditation.
2 – If you are already practicing another meditation, you can do so before your meditation session.
3 – If you are already practicing YOFA meditation, you can do so before meditation or at any other point in meditation exercises. Combined with all the other YOFA meditations.

This very simple supplement to your daily routine clarifies your thoughts, gives you greater concentration power, helps sleep peacefully, and gives you greater access to the strength of a more stable physical body. The extension of the root chakra to the neckline is also useful for the material manifestation.



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