The secret path for silence for peace

What do we need to recognize the tranquility we all desire? Nobody can attain this real silence without understanding certain truths in the "nature." One thing must be clear about the peace of the mind: whether we are in peace or wherever we are – because this peace is with us or we call peace in the following two options : First choice or accidentally pleasant and therefore we are in a peaceful state, or secondly, the peace we live with is a child of a state over which we have reached a temporary order

In all such situations, although these great unconsciouss to us know that the newly found peace is conditional – the evidence is that we usually find ourselves hard in our work to preserve the present circumstances whatever it is. This uneasy "truce" is the certainty that we are opposed to any movement that is contrary to the with the desired setting.

Obviously horse, that such a qualified peace is not really peace, if there is no reason other than this peace-building organization to live in the invisible need to fight for anything that endangers its existence! Obviously: Any kind of peaceful feeling that can withstand the disorder passes away as we have a false sense of oppression (with this turmoil).

This is the first key to us: real peace is not feeling; nothing can imagine the mind. Emotions and dreams are the finite, temporary world. Real peace is a timeless silence whose reality is outside the movement of the opposites in the game. In other words, peace under changing circumstances is at best a collapsing experience.

Before we can hope to get to know the Peace that "gives you all understanding," we must recognize the true Silence nature from which it rises. The path of the perfection of Truth consists of this silence. And while it retires as the achieving self is approaching – urging comfort – this relationship is our job. So, how can approach "inaccessible"?

True silence can be called, but there is no reason to mean that it will appear in itself and remain as long as you like it for your own secret purpose. Nevertheless, this sovereign Silence can be judged in a polite silence if we want to understand his life. But as all things of the Spirit, they govern definite rules in the higher realms of this reality.

First, true silence can not be maintained; this is one thing that has to be kept and no need to check certain circumstances. Yet, since it can not be "won" or can not be lost, which means that anyone who acquires his life in a fearless world. What does it mean to us who is seeking the life of peace? How do we enter into this unspeakable being?

To do this you have to start from the right place. And this is where many search engines lose their way. So our study does not start with the joyful feelings of Silence and Peace that accompany such dreams, but within the invisible obstacles that prohibit this natural grace and goodness to be our constant companions.

Looking at these ideas, look at how easy the next truth is, a great secret to what we need to understand if we want to go to a peaceful life: One of the main obstacles to the real silence is to make this empire can not be included in the thought. This fact has far-reaching consequences for those who are serious about it.

On the one hand, this means that the True Path of Peace can only be recognized in the course of negation: discovery and recognition by itself through the whole and the truth by sharing shared and false reality. Here is such a discovery: the real silence is not found in a future or in a conceivable state that is yet to be reached. That is why this is the truth:

The silence is to give fashion to ourselves, regardless of its temporal circumstances, for us – at the time of conception – produces a kind of "noise" – a certain emotional whistle that we are growing insensier due to our continuous inflow. This noise is the well-known and pleasant feeling we feel when we are about to create some silence for ourselves.

Is not Ironic if we see it? The very silence we are hoping for is "confused" and its own manifestation is in the affection of its presence. And yet, within this knowledge, the light of light – a truth is that we will take it longer if we embrace what it shows.

Because when we realize that our own desire – the desire that always dreams of our job at our more silent tomorrow – is actually the disturbing factor of peace at this moment, then we begin to get rid of this unconscious power – the nature that always wants what you do not have, in order to become what you are hoping for!

Before we continue, we briefly summarize what we have learned so far: As long as we have time in imaginary peace or invented self-sufficiency in whatever form, no matter how we get this joy, silence is not a real silence but just a feeling. These feelings always fade, leaving you feeling betrayed and hungry.

Conscious realization of this false identity – where we communicate with something that is just a little more than the form of psychic noise that calls this self into the Sky Silence – immediately leads to the threshold of the Real Silence, which the soul soul desires.

Gradually, but firmly recognize what to do: now we must let our thinking; we must die for the infinite desire to become what it is not by imagining what it will be. In order to live the "divorce" in the "Absolute Empty" sense, we are doing the truly silent job at the moment we are. This silent vision frees us.

Therefore, the moment-to-moment meditation, our revival becomes life revelation when we open ourselves and see what he is discovering. Taking these truths into account, study the following insights into true silence. Let them understand themselves. Think about them. Quietly, turn it over again and again into your mind. Soon you will hear what can not be said.

first Just as true emptiness holds all things, True Silence is all about wearing. Whatever goes into this silence, whatever it is, it is usually silenced. . . yet the act of domination, but peaceful integration is a lesser one.

2nd Real silence is internal presence, not external circumstance. On the contrary, it does not exist and does not arise, which means that there is nothing to do or can not serve to confirm its existence.

3rd The true silence can not be cultivated, but the circumstances that prohibit its presence can be understood from existence.

4th The true silence is perfectly empty in content and in completely opposite contrasts.

5th True silence is undesirable and does not reject or resist anything.

6th True silence is the heart and soul of compassion.

7th Real silence has no intelligence; it is the intelligence of the order that a shared mind can not understand.

8th If we want the True Silence and peace, the necessity of loneliness must be so obvious to us as to recognize that all seedlings must be left unbroken if they ever break away from the dark earth and live in the light.

As we understand these truths in us and look through our eyes through our eyes, we realize that this new silent vision is part of the satisfaction. That is why: The "eyes" of passive consciousness are not only "full" of what they see, but in fact of what they perceive. Do we know what this is for us?

The lack of divide between visionary and visions is the denial of desire. And when the tension and pressure of craving to do anything that is ultimately avoided by this higher self-consciousness, then the painful conflict that comes when there is a sort of separation between one another and hopeful peace is the mind.

What a challenge this sound is, we can encourage you. Truth is on our side. In this life, every woman is either growing or otherwise going. There are no exceptions to this rule. To make a positive contribution, we are only willing to grow in our Truth and act from what we consider to be true. In this way the contradictions in our consciousness cease to exist.

Here is a last thought that we can use every day to help us through the True Silence. Once we realize that what we need to understand (if we are quietly free) can not talk or otherwise think, then we can only talk to ourselves about what we need. The real silence awaits the man who will see this Truth and stay.



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