The snake has made me

The snake has done me! Really? You heard it before, did not you? This "snake" made this story. triangular screw. You want to hear it, believe me.

The next day, a friend of mine said he was angry. Did it come out of nowhere?

We were sitting around the table during a conversation. I asked him what was the cause of his anger. She replied that something was related to her brother's behavior. But her biggest concern was how she could get rid of anger.

A brief conversation pointed to some interesting questions …

In short, this was so:

Me: "So you have trouble with your brother's behavior?"

He: "Yes, I am, and he is crazy, very crazy."

Me: "Is your brother crazy or do you decide to be crazy about your brother's behavior?"

You know, it's all in one word. This is the word "choice". We choose when something happens. You may be aware of it, but there are moments when you have to choose. These moments are crucial because, as far as we can, the choices we make will change life.

An event occurs. For some reasons, your answer is needed. At the moment, you can make a decision about the right answer.

So, based on your understanding of what's happening, you choose any of the "situations that are followed by good behavior" # 39; And if you were familiar, I would be poisoned. But why? Really, why?

The event, whatever it is, is just an event. The whole equation is important for you. You may not be responsible for the event / situation, but as long as you live, you are responsible for the answer.

Sometimes the event is extremely bad. The kind we call bad luck is very unlucky. When this is the case, ask yourself, "Why am I not my cat or my neighbor?"

I still claim here that whatever the event / situation is, it is very responsible for its responses. Responsibility for your answers is one of the first steps in keeping your life. When they have their own answers, they dictate the conditions for their success and the way.

I often say that there is nothing in this world that makes me crazy, angry or sad without my consent. This is my life.

Oh, I hear you say you've heard such things so often. Let me add the fine twist I promised. And you are very careful to listen to this path.

There is a positive intention in every behavior. And in any reaction / reaction that any situation faces, there is something that we will call secondary gains.

I will be slow here because we need to read it on the same page.

When someone does something for you, it may be annoying to you. But what are the positive intentions of their behavior? What is the purpose of behavior? By their point of view? They may try to defend themselves or maintain a given status quo. Or they are trying to get something. Maybe your attention or some peace of mind. It may be annoying them.

When your answer to your behavior (in any way) is about how you behave yourself or how you do not benefit. So your behavior (which I maintain does not cause) can also be a way of defending something with perceived danger or intrusion. He always thinks about his own benefits in the unfolding drama.

What to ask of it all.

Respond to every situation by recognizing your positive intent and your own secondary profits. If the two (the positive intention of the situation and the "secondary profits") collide, not so much what happens to me, which matters. This is where I deal with the relevant experience. "

Do not let the snake do anything!



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