The Sword of Expectation

Today is the day you finish your inner peace war. Today is the day you realize that you are the source and the dam. Today is the day you see your gun in your hands. The weapon that has devastated your presence and your reality-based ability, the weapon that has crossed the experience so many experiences to disappoint … Today is the day he laid the sword for rest. [19659002] Expectations are a major part of our pain. We often resonate with a disappointed state, but we can not see the source of our own expectations. Expectations are powerful and devastating. Expectations do not help. They will be able to destroy our happiness and resonate with depressive energy. Expectations have only one thing, and this torture is pain.

In order for your sword's expectation to relax, you must see what it is. You have to understand how it came into your hands and how you used it. You have to be your part.

Waiting is the mutation of intent. Expectation is a passive process. Expectation is the title of the script that you have already written in your mind. Linking to the result is your scenario. "Life" expects you to play exactly as you imagined. You already have the experience in your imagination. It's done, dead, and can only be reinstalled. It will never be what you imagined. No waiting in life.

Intent is an active process. There is life intent. When we formulate our intention, it is our great pleasure to experience how the whole action works. There is no attachment to intent. There is only the possibility and flexibility of action. The spontaneity of our intentions that unfolds the life of the IS

So today you can choose to have your weapon in your hands destroyed the viability of your experiences. Today you have the opportunity to release your handle and lay it down. Today, you have the opportunity to live with the real experience of your intentions. Today you can choose to start living the darkness of disappointment instead of the pleasure of discovery. Put your sword to rest and live in peace



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