The symbol of peace

One of the most commonly used and used symbols in the world is "peace". In 1958, the symbol of pigeon and olive can be seen literally everywhere on t-shirts, trousers, cars, walls, and of course people wearing jewels. Symbols are used by international organizations, civil law movements, politicians, activists, rock groups, and anyone who has something to do with "peace."

The current peace signal was actually designed by a British designer against a nuclear war and later accepted nuclear disarmament and anti-war movements. The symbol crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the United States, where it was first used in civilian movements, and then in anti-war movements during the Vietnam War. It has gained a bit wider popularity, especially among young people at that time. It was a timely symbol in the era when peace was the most sought after man in the world. It is also universal in that it does not actually contain the symbol of a given religious group, and the desire for peace lies in people all over the world, irrespective of racial or religious affiliation

. it seems to have gone everywhere. The peace buttons were sold by millions. And in the fashion and jewelery industry, too. The denim jeans and the chains have become very fashionable with peaceful jewelery. Many famous jewelers started to stand up with all kinds of jewelery made of precious metals such as gold and sterling silver.

In a world where nations have thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at each other, and where many of the feared experiences have gone through the symbol of peace, regardless of whether it is painted on the wall, it is placed on blue jeans or hooked to a little girl's ears , it can serve as a message that is really necessary for mankind to survive



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