The symbol of peace

One of the best-known symbols in the world is the symbol of peace and there was much debate about the original. Some Christians have claimed that this is the symbol of the anti-Christ – the source of Nero Roman Emperor (54-68), where Nero was called a cross. St. Peter was sentenced to death by Nero and recorded that he did not feel worthy of being killed in the same way as Jesus, so he decided to crucify a reverse cross with his head up and cut his arms up to 45 degrees (instead of 90 degrees). This was very well illustrated in the representation of a 5th century artist (Figure 1). In the dark times, Satanic rituals were used which represent the "witch's leg" or "bald feet" when black magic practitioners reject the Trinity and denounce Jesus Christ.

The modern version of the Peace Symbol was written on February 21, 1958 by Gerald Herbert Holtom, commercial artist Lord Bertrand Russel, a British CND or nuclear decommissioning campaigner. The symbol has been designed to combine the semaphore symbol symbols representing the letters N and D of the nuclear decommissioning. The letter "N" is marked with two flags, which are upside down in position V and the letter D is a flag pointing straight up and the other pointing straight. symbol, modern peace symbol.

It is interesting to note, however, that Hugh Brock, the editor of Peace News, explained in detail the origin of his sketch: "I was desperate, deeply desperate, with despair, shake hands outwardly and downward, relative to Goya's peanut before the shooting

Ken Kolsbun , the American pacifist and Holly's correspondent until his death until 1985 regretted the symbol of despair and wanted him to turn upside down: "He thought peace was something to be celebrated," says Mr Kolsbun, who has spent decades "In fact, the semaphore signal is U unilateral & # 39; shows upward flags. My dead did everything for unilateral disarming. "Further, my Dead only used the symbol of standing peace to remind her life, and the wish of a dying man was to emboss the place of peace symbol on the tombstone instead of the downward peace symbol, but" this wish was ignored by the letter cutter. "

What I find most interesting in the history of my Holiness that our present peace signal came – that semaphore symbols are exactly the same downward despair symbol that is recognized by the inspiration of the drawing, Holtom contradicts himself when, however, Brock wrote Goya's "peasant of the shooting group." The famous painting depicting this painting is Goya's third third of 1808, and the peasant clearly has his hand raised straight. V. I believe that Dead has really repented the Downward Peace Symbol and a good reason

What I find most interesting in my Holly's history is that our present peace signal came – that the semaphore symbols are exactly the same symbol of downward despair that is recognized by the inspiration of the drawing: My dead contradicts itself, but when Goya 'peasant in front of the shooter' Brock A famous painting This scene evokes Goya's thirties in 1808, and the peasant clearly puts her hands up in the V position.



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