The Truth About Peace – Bible Truths for Children

"Do not worry about anything, pray for everything, tell God your needs, and do not forget to thank him for his answers: I understand peace keeps his thoughts and heart in silence and rest, Jesus Christ." Philippians 4: 6 and 7 [The Living Bible]

God wants to release peace.

He wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed, do not worry or nervous about life or school,.

A Sunday school teacher told me that the Bible God says I can put all my problems on him and he will take care of me.

God is interested in your children and their problems.

So what does this mean? Just what he says. God wants you to put all your problems on him and he will work them out.

This does not mean you're just walking. First you have to take part. Do what you know you can do the problem, then give the others to God and wait to see what he does to help you. It will be very exciting.

Here is a specific path that can cause problems to God.

Find a small box; It's probably somewhere around your room or house. Check the basement. Here I find the extra boxes.

Go for a big sign on the "God box" side. Take a piece of paper and write it: "God here, I'll give you my math problem, I will not worry anymore." Trusting myself, I trust that I will give you good results. and this is no longer my problem. "

Pray to God and put it in the box. Put the box in a prominent place in the room, reminding you that God is responsible for the problem, not you.

Or another problem you want to give to God football game you're playing tomorrow. It says the same thing: "Here's God, I'm worried about the football game, I know this does not mean we win, but you're in control and you're in a good position. you really want to win and help each of us play well together. "

Pray to God, put the note in the box of God, it does not mean you sit and dream of victory, you do the best, practice it, get the rest and eat it straight, but trust me in God to take care of the situation.

This practice can be done with any and all of your concerns God provides for you and wants to give you peace He says when we know our requests and let him have his peace filled with our hearts and minds When his peace fulfills his our consciousness, there is no place for concern.



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