The Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is the way to follow the latest project tracking

The Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is the Microsoft package for project tracking, source control and data collection and reporting. It is specifically designed for software development projects that have many collaborative developers, even if they are found all over the world. The base of the Team Foundation Server is the work item that represents a workpiece to be filled. The workpiece is made up of fields that define eg. Area, Recipient, Iteration, Reported, File Attachments and History, and many other possible variables. There is a control policy for each workpiece that determines who can access or change the item. It also has logging and notification capabilities that log the creation, access, and change events, and even notify specific users of certain events. The team project consists of user-defined work items, reports, and source files that are managed by TFS.

Team Foundation Server Pricing includes templates that help in the installation process, so you can update the project schedule and report definitions in real-time to support ongoing management. TFS is integrated with MS Excel to create and track project elements created and edited in Excel, and the resulting spreadsheet is exported to TFS, where data is integrated into the project manager. TFS uses a resource management repository that stores codes and current funds and changes in the SQL Server database. Unlike previous file-based source controls, this capability allows you to make parallel payments, shelving and reversal changes in progress, conflict resolution, and branching and merging. Multiple branches can be easily merged, and the built-in conflict resolution algorithm automatically aligns conflicting differences or indicates manual control. The control library contains not only the source code, but also a version-controlled directory of other documents used by the project, such as project plans and requirements, as well as feature analysis documents. All documents in the source management repository can be linked to any other workpiece, and access can be controlled by access policy definitions.

The Team Foundation Server price includes a reporting capability that may be your greatest strength. It is possible to insert data that does not contain test cases, the speed of the code change over time, the regression of previous pass tests, etc. The reports are made with SQL Server Report Service and can be exported in many different formats, such as Excel, PDF, XML, and TIFF. The different developers involved in the project can track progress and communicate with each other on a dedicated SharePoint site that lists workpieces and source-driven documents for that project. Developers can track the progress of the project with Team Build capability, which captures every building where successful. When build is successful in team building analysis, what changes have occurred in the source control since the previous successful build and update all workpieces.



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