The Way of Peace

The root of discrimination and violence between people and nations stems from the fact that we forget our humanity. We forget our true nature.

Violence is a "learned" behavior. We "learn" about our environment. When we are born, there is no violent tendency. As we grow, "reactions" are driven. Our responses to our environment are affected by our testimony. We "copy" what we see. Therefore, violence and hatred are not natural to our point.

As we grow older, we "buy" the deception. We believe violence is "OK" if "justified". "OK" to kill our faith or protect our "area." We learned that we "have". We "live to possess". We like to have things, people, land, animals, anything tangible and intuitive. The more we have, the stronger they are over the others. Our society or community strengthens this "tension". It is worth great to "measure" the amount of our property. You feel valid.

So we fight each other in the world, killing each other "defending" what they "own": our nationalism, our religion, our territories, and our ideologies. We become a slave of deception and desires. During the process, we lose ourselves, our humanity. We sacrificed our souls for lies! (How much better would it be if we were to wake up to wisdom, self-growth or spiritual evolution when we put our illusions and elevate our bodies!)

Thus, by our illusions, we forget that those who "are reasons, beliefs and ideologies "blindly (other people of other ages) are as real as we are. They are bleeding, sad, and have potential and dreams like us. To sum up, in many ways, the "self" extension of its own peculiarity and role in the world. We are tempted to think of them as "our enemy", faceless, without history or spirit that is different from us. The "Jews", "Palestinians", "Blacks", "Whites", "Muslims", "Christians", "Unbelievers"

It's all nonsense to condemn each other more than the ones outside the individual check. We choose to ignore the fact that we are born into a particular religion, ethnicity, country, race, gender, social or economic situation. I'm just white because I was born in a white breed. Or I'm black because I was born in black race. The same goes for my gender, national origin, and even religion! (Though the latter is "optional", another "performance-driven" concept). However, before we are any of the above, we are human beings. Remove the above. What you got? Human beings! This is what everyone is doing first and foremost. The truth is! Everything else is an illusion, a lie! What would happen if we were to eliminate the labels and see each other what they really are: people?

I am convinced that Middle East or other peace will never come about as a result of political and religious "agreements" and strategies. I believe that peace can only be achieved by the awakening of humanity at the heart of every individual, ordinary person, political and religious games and conflicts.

Peace can only be achieved by rejecting the illusion, the lie! Opponents gather and snatch blind people by sharing their humanity, their pain, their hopes and dreams, learning from each other, feeding each other, crying and laughing, forgiving each other, working together, and engaging in violence. They respected the memory of those who died in the fight when they decided to refer primarily and mostly to human beings, not "puppets" or "labels".

Some Israelis and Palestinians are doing just that. They meet each other as human beings and share the pains they each suffered in the conflict by losing their loved ones; forgive each other. They stopped at each other's enemies as "Palestinians" and "Jews". Instead, they were rid of deceit and achieved wisdom and enlightenment, and realizing that they were first and foremost human beings. Allow mankind and compassion to prevail! Pain is no bigger than pain. The loss is no bigger than mine. Your life is no more important than mine and vice versa. . .

Violence only raises violence, just as hatred is just more hatred. This becomes a vicious cycle. De-humanizes us. It loses our essence, destroys our soul, destroys our souls, everyone and everything around us! Violence and hatred, misleading "labeling and blindness" will lose us among the living. Every time we kill someone (or condemn violence) that our goal is childhood or adult, we are killing ourselves and our humanity more and more. We bring suffering and pain to all who love and nourish our lives. Shame and despair for those who love and care for us.

We have become "inseparable" from the essence and blind of the fact that we like it or not, we are all part of a larger picture. As every cell and body in our body doubles our physical being, they are all the basic elements of life. Just as every drop of water is part of the ocean, so we are part of the whole. John Donne's great poet philosopher once said, "No one is an island." No one is "indispensable". . . We are all indispensable! They were not born to kill each other, but to create more lives and preserve their holiness. All other "excuses" and so-called "justifications" are a mockery of killing.

As long as all earthly people understand that by betraying others, we reveal ourselves and our purpose, we create our Creator on the face, destroy ourselves, destroy "I" and make us "special" and "privileged" there will be peace on earth.

I'm asking you to experience humanity for a day. Let everyone know who you meet without labeling! See each person as a human being. You can do it? Come back and tell us your experience and how it felt.



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