The world needs love and peace – the human poem

Strength and respect and the will of the fight, terrorists claim their historical right.

They have two hundred years of teaching, using innocence to die and be bold.

Terrorists are the enemy, so they have to pay, go to meet the manufacturer as we show the way.

Peace brokers are always pushing for peace, raising their voices, and claiming power.

As the battle cry pounds, human history gives a poem to the song.

Look in the mirror and see what you did, With a mythical past, religion and desert all disappeared.

Cruelty to women, like the rest of the world, is now in jeopardy with the global family with nuclear weapons.

Media lives and dies of sword, why die in the name of the gentleman?

Good dear and good reddish on evil headers, look down at dirt and your own feet.

Your masculinity is your wavert because it did not exist, what volunteers are fighting for the wicked will continue to pick up.

The power and respect of terrorists had no purpose, their play and their lie prohibited them from being free.

International terrorists have tried to re-establish the vision of mankind and extend their hatred. It caused them a loss of American will, as if it were a bottomless hips.

They now stop responding to their congregation, sending them to hell with thunder and tumult.

We have seen the crazy fools of hatred, now we clear the Middle East cleanly.

With 1,000 sunsets and lightning strikes, we reduce the evil of Islam to Earth and Ashra.

No more speech, no game, we must stop Enem without delay.

Thank you for the peace on earth and God bless the USA.



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