The world or me

When I see horrible stories about the news or I'm too close to home experiences, I think, "I'm just the worst of the world." When we experience a situation, time passes and we think that we are moving forward. Then it triggers a reaction that is uncomfortable.

I'm not trying to watch the news on television because the daily reports of shooting make it annoying. I've read the paper and I do better the written word. I have empathy for school children. Today's security can be uncertain. Teachers and staff are still committed.

We deal with crises when we have, but we need to continue our lives. I've learned that we have no control, but we can make wise decisions, learn how to improve things and make everyday use of it. I can not change my personality, but I deliberately try to choose spoken words. Not just swearing, but counting words too.

What if the words we spoke to a person prevented them from hurting themselves or others. He inspired us with the words Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. There are some like those who have made a huge difference in history.

I'm waiting for the day I retire and stay home, but this time has not yet come. All I can do is to pray and stay in peace with all those around me. There are a number of songs that say "Let peace on earth and let me begin with me". I like the other one, saying, "I'm starting with a person in the mirror and asking him to change his way."

Politics can be debated endlessly, but it seems we can see it today. The world seems to be worse off against violence, but there was also time in history where the question is: "Even worse, who?" In each nation and time, a group suppressed and murdered another. The difference with the weapons now is that individuals – even young people – miss the suspicious groups within a few seconds.

Not everyone shares my faith in God but otherwise I pray. I need. I want to enjoy the rest of my days on this earth, without fear. Join me in prayer. I want my grandmother to grow in safe schools. Hope you like the same thing.



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