There are two Egyptian deaths

It was done that ancient Egyptians received two questions after death in order to enter heaven:

Were you pleased when you were on earth?

Because did you please others?

I do not think we should ask this before we go to heaven, we have to look at good questions.

But another question we need to ask is that we really believe that God wants us to be happy. It seems that the common Christian believes this life is similar to hell and the only thing we must enjoy is the mere thought that one day we will be in heaven and not the joy God has offered us [19659006]. , joy is quite different than happiness, but many of us are nominating two. Joy may be constant, while happiness depends entirely on what is happening.

It would be difficult for one, not for one. You can not bring joy to others if you have no joy. You can not sell what you do not know.

But, unfortunately, let's go back to the questions. Consider them next week. Do you have joy in your life? Ever ever? And you bring joy to others? These are everyday things, once you can, you only feel for yourself

I think if we try to make it possible in our lives to answer "yes" these questions, it would be much better. How would you answer the two questions? Leave your answer below.



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