They are unique in their peace with their past relationships

Are you one of those singles who just do not hurt because of the past relationship? A few years ago I went to a Christian singing retreat where the theme brought peace to the past. Christian Christian Christian Christians shared their sad story of misguided past experiences, afflicted relationships, or sexual sin in their present triumphs.

Although many Christians were there that weekend, which required a serious dating relationship with a Christian marriage, there were few people who were unable to overcome the pains and fears that actually kept them.

God's Plan for Christian Individuals

God's plans for his dear children (including Christian singles) are that they live a rich and joyful life. In fact, however, some Christian individuals are in the defeated, unbroken life. If you are one of those Christian singers who are today in a difficult position to bring peace to your past, take your vacation. Hope to you.

The steps I have learned to retire from receiving "past issues," I share with you:

Your baptism and inheritance

hurt someone, including God, or apologized if you became a victim. Forgiveness is a wonderful healing tape that not only allows us to honestly face our past, but also help to reach emotional closure and move on. The most important is forgiveness and forgiveness that Christian individuals need to become. No one can force him. This is a tough lesson, is not it?

Share With Others

This was the purpose of all Christian singles. Sharing with others in a safe environment, like a Christian singles group, helps keep your perspective and, at the same time, very encouraging.

Believe God's Promises

The Bible tells us that we will do our best through our rational Redeemer Christ. He renewes our spirit with his precious Holy Spirit and helps us to leave the past. The question is whether we believe it.



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