Think I did not come to send peace on Earth – No peace, but sword

Right from this scripture, we can see that a Christian walk will never be easy. They always struggle with difficulties or trials – hard or better known than "picking up our cross." But more accurately, what does the Lord Jesus Christ mean by his statement? First, did you mean it literally? No, and yet this is precisely the Christianity that has been made through the ages, with Rome and the demons that are more like the savage fighting tribes than the temple of God. Catholics murdered those who did not go to Satan with their blasphemy; Protestants, on the other hand, murdered Catholics to seize their money, subversive political activities and heresy; a Christian & # 39; The Crusaders who beat the Muslims and vice versa and all the violence they did in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (apart from the Muslims).

We also know that the Lord Jesus Christ voiced a loud warning of the literal use of swords when Peter threw the right ear of the high priest's servant. The Lord said to his famous words, "With the sword he dies with sword." In other words, in the Kingdom of God there is no place for any description, especially for vengeful violence. Now, in full contrast to what the Lord has said, what is the whole violence from the "Christians"? when the Word of God applies the word of God?

Mat 7:16 You know them by the fruits. Do men pick the spiky grapes or the figs of the pumpkin? 17 Thus all trees bring good fruit; but the corrupt tree brings evil fruit. 18 A good tree shall not bring forth evil fruit, and corrupt wood shall not bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bring good fruit will be slaughtered and put into the fire. 20 They know that they know about their fruit. Holy Word of God, not Me

Okay, so we proved that this sword is not literal, so what is the sword we are talking about? To begin with, there is a very sharp sword and two edges, which means that anyone seizes, reduces, and deepens the metaphoric blood, especially the blood called, but unbelief. This means that it hurts and causes a lot of internal pain at the recipient's end. How do we know this? We know this because they respond and react differently negatively. Often the first reaction is silence; the Sword of Truth usually silences those who oppose it. The next reaction varies depending on the individual. Some say infinitely if you leave them, but most of all they have a common thing – hatred . They all hate Truth and try to kill the message of Truth.

Here are some scriptures to support what I said: [Hebrews4:12 The Word of God is fast, powerful, and sharper than any other two-person sword sharing the spirit and the spirit and joints and bones , and recognizes the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Here in the Jews the author speaks to them, the Sabbath rest of the Lord and the sword of truth here call the believers of the unbelievers. Hebrews 4: 6 Since there is none remaining in him, and those that are not first revealed by unbelief,

The sword of truth deeper deeper and penetrates more deeply than any physical sword and causes inner confusion for a while to repent – a heart or attitude in a new student. Discovering the intentions and inner thoughts of our whole being, in our hearts and in the deepest depressions of our minds – no part of our being can escape . He hands over those who are called and believe, and convert them to repentance. Alternatively, those who are called but remain disbelievers will respond as described in the previous paragraphs.

The Pharisees faced the sword of truth from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ, often silent, but then showed their hatred. They went to discuss their strategy of accusing and killing her fraudulently and illegally.

The transition to Matthew 10 now faces the reality of how close to home use, this sword can affect those who are close and kind to us. & # 39; 35. Because I came to face a man against her father and daughter against her mother and daughter against her mother. [36] And a man and his enemies are in the household.

Now these scriptures are texts that many religious Christians tend to quickly or simply ignore because they do not sit well with their gospel and the non-confrontational liberal view of things. In these verses, there is not much charity, and these Scriptures do not ring a little in their ears. In these verses, the Lord clearly and unequivocally states that in some households (1965) there will be heated discourses and arguments between the father and the boy and / or the boy and the father; mother, daughter or daughter against her lawful mother. However, this in some cases constitutes a permanent distinction . They will be enemies, and I know this is true because it has happened to me. This problem of the Lord Jesus Christ was raised with his own brothers and his neighbors in Nazareth. He also paid particular attention to the fact that we all know that he does not get his own yard.

Matthew 13:57 And they hurt her . But Jesus said to them, "The prophet is not honest, but in his own country and in his own house [58] 58 And did not do many great works because of their unbelief."

John 1:11 He came to his own and his own did not accept him.

True believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ are the most important things to learn here: family hunting is a one way street, yes, the Truth Sword has come in and your family has caused pain to the Lord Jesus Christ and hate you but you do not hate them back. You love them in return, but that does not mean you stay in your company and a you will get a doormat, a Christian who will be the recipient of continuous misuse – as soon as you leave it. Your departure will make you more bearable than if you are left alone and will be the act of love in itself. Do not forget you are God h so that the Lord Jesus Christ has left Nazareth and went to Judea to preach.

Ephesians 6:17 And bring away the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Charles Crosby



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