Thirty years of anger forgave me

This is the end of a year! In 2016, do you type the same old attitude and behaviors or allow yourself to change it? We all heard that change is not easy, especially when other people are involved. Personal change, however, is easier than most, willing to admit. Change is one thing: your brain: the way you think about one thing will affect how you face it daily. Or you will continue to keep things that annoy your fathers or take control of your mind, thoughts, and things you no longer want to attend. I want to share a story with you; you will see how difficult it is, and yet how easy it is to stop using your anger as a weapon and an excuse to keep anger, frustration and other negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors that do not serve you any positive purpose. Of course, I do not say, "never to be angry", this is another daily topic.

Years ago, working in a hospital was called to help address a hostile situation. A patient immediately entered the emergency room angry! Angry to the staff for no reason: this was the holiday season and it was angry that the emergency ended with the family member instead of ending. home for a Christmas dinner. All that this 70 year old man found was not loaded. Things got out of the hospital bay. It was funny to see it. I felt like I was watching a cartoon in life. However, he was not funny, the longer he was angry, the closer he was to dying; nobody could get into his room, not the doctors, the nurses, even the priest, (I'm not kidding). So, who was it called? Me! "They're crazy, this man is a nutshell," which I can only think of. When you enter severe chest pains in the emergency room, hospital staff take it seriously and this was a serious case. After I thought he had thrown everything away, I entered his room. As I entered, I fired another object in my head. If you know me, you know I was not happy and I was not! Ex-angry woman here, helllloo! I started talking to him, I met him where mentally and emotionally.

In our conversation, I asked, "Who in your life when you think of it, your heart is smiling"? He said he had a big grandson, and he just loved him. Since he was born, he told me about the stories and how proud he was that little angel. He has to talk about it for 45 minutes, always have a calm attitude and a smile on his face. So I asked, "Who are you so angry in the world, where is this crazy anger?" He paused for a moment and said, "You know, I never think of it, but I am." Know this man when you get angry, angry about your anger, get angry home, and lie down angrily, no, but who you are. The truth is that he is not willing to deal with what is really the root of anger. Anyway, as we continued the conversation, finally admitted that he and his sister had a problem 30 years ago that they never got settled! Thirty years ago !!!! Wow. I changed the subject to the angel, and peace and love again overpowered. Talking about my grand grandson rustled at me. I asked, "Can you imagine after 30 years, because you have the same love you have on your sister: do not respond, just think about it"? He thought about 10 minutes and said, "I never thought about it, I do not know if it is possible." I mentioned to her that this is entirely possible. Another twenty minutes later I gave him a commission (the professor in me) and encouraged him to send a bouquet of flowers to his sister telling him to forgive him and he likes to find him forgiving him. Guess? There was the call, picked up the flowers, they were beautiful. She looked tears in her eyes and said, "Miss, you're a strong black woman, you have incredible qualities, I can not believe I was sitting here and sharing so much my life with me, thank you for helping me learn how to forgive, that's something I never do it and I was proud. " Violence against anger, anger, and sin really kidnaps his life. I enjoyed the life of anger, hatred, forgiveness and trust, I love my life today, and I am glad that I was mature enough and strong enough to be allowed to live in me, which made it possible for me to have wonderful relationships and marriages with 25 beautiful year.

The patient was released with his life of unconditional love with his life and brother. He sent a letter to the hospital director who told me my experience and thanked me for giving me a present. After calling wolf names on my face, after I threw objects into my head, I shouted and cursed to do it again to help my brother or sister for race, religion, belief system, or culture. loving peace and joy.

This holiday season, at the end of this year, I hope you find a place in your heart to "think" about the negative, hostile emotions, emotions, beliefs and thoughts that are directed towards others and allow you to love enter your heart with anger, anger, anger, hatred, gossip, etc. instead. And as he sensed in this story that no one was talking, there was always help. You must be mature to reach yourself; you deserve it. You deserve peace, love, joy, and a life you love and appreciate. If you love, you give others the opportunity to love you too.

Dr. M. Joy Brown



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